Final Fantasy XV - Tech Demo #1

Tech Demo #1 of Final Fantasy XV.

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rarity1389d ago

Man the graphics in this game are on a whole new level! When he zoomed out of noctis' face my jaw hit the floor!

Magicite1389d ago

God, please let this game be as good(story+gameplay) as it looks and I can die with calm heart...

DualWielding1389d ago

looks great but I think we are about 5 years too late for a tech demo

Qrphe1389d ago

Why? You can only talk about technology when it's far from being finalized?

Paprika1389d ago

No, 5 years ago it'd display crystal tools. Today its luminous engine :)

Kumomeme1388d ago

before luminous,they develop on ebony engine
last year trailer was from ebony
currently transfering to luminous was 80% already

Paprika1388d ago


Yeah, ebony was the bridge engine to transition between last gen to current gen :)

EdoubleD1389d ago

Hey, at least we're getting regular updates for the damn game. It looks mighty impressive, can't wait to get my hands on the demo.

TheStrokes1389d ago

This is the first Final Fantasy I've looked forward to since FF10. It's looking absolutely amazing! The graphics are crazy-good! I hope the gameplay and story are as good. I want to get lost in Final Fantasy again.
This, Metal Gear, Uncharted and The Division... hoping for Fallout news soon too.

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The story is too old to be commented.