Confused about #GamerGate? Here's our simple guide to the messy controversy

If you aren't heavily involved in video games or social media, you may well be confused about what GamerGate is.

Don’t worry, you are in good company - even those heavily involved in the online 'movement' can't agree what it's all about.

Here at Mirror Tech, we've tried to create a simple guide to GamerGate.

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creatchee1503d ago

Ahhhhh, GamerGate... The only "controversy" that lets everyone involved on all sides look like the raging attention whores that they really are.

Palitera1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Nerd drama queens vs feminist drama queens.

Result: #Lamergate.

Winner: Both sides' attention whores.
Loser: Anyone who tries to surf through decent and useful information on the web.

Epic fail: The ones who take this seriously.

spartanlemur1503d ago

To be fair it's not 50/50

Gamergate is a response to social justice preaching, and so as the latter is the first mover, it takes the blame for starting this.

The rational view of course is for people to shut up and let the free market work its magic.

HighResHero1503d ago

"Here at Mirror Tech, we've tried to create a simple guide to GamerGate."

A simple, biased article about the subject. You guys are so helpful. /S

darthv721503d ago

This whole thing has been confusing. It seems to start off with the accusations of a developer getting a favorable review by someone who they may/not have had an affair and then it sidelines into a whole other topic of feminists against the misogyny.

Talk about changing channels....

Spenok1503d ago

They're just trying to garner hits based on gamings most recent "controversy."

mixelon1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

What the actual flying fuuuuu.

Of all the places likely to write an even half reasonable outline of this .. The daily mirror? What the hell.. I was expecting to come out with my face palmed straight off.

When THE DAILY MIRROR are writing a reasonably succinct and balanced write of up anything.. What's happening?! The end times are upon us.

Just one particularly weird passage: "Is there a problem with misogyny in video games?
The vast majority of gamers are normal human beings - men and women of all ages, most of whom don't hate women." - how can you dodge a question you're asking yourself? XD Nobody really claimed that not to be the case.

spartanlemur1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I certainly felt a bit of bias in there, but it doesn't address the real problem which is social justice preaching (I stress "preaching"; there are better ways to discuss social justice) in articles.

It can get a bit one-sided at times, and if anything positive can come out of this, I hope it'll be more debate about such issue as less monologue.

I mean they're interesting discussions to have, but without pitting two arguments against each other, readers are going to feel a bit patronised and will probably not take anything in anyway as a result.

Ultimately, I hope we all want the same thing, which is a "fair" video games media and market which is meritocratic in nature. Your opinion should be taken into account to the extent that you spend your hard-earned cash on games. No more, no less.

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