3.3 Million PS4 Sold in Q2 2014; Sony Posts a Loss While Gaming Division Soars

Sony just disclosed its financial results for the fiscal quarter between July 1st and  September 30th 2014, showing solid results for the game division.


Total PS4 shipments at 13.5 million.

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TomShoe1503d ago

Man PlayStation is killing it! Hopefully the rest of Sony can turn itself around.

MrSwankSinatra1503d ago

Well the direction they're headed is the right one. Thing people fail to understand is that this restructuring is for the long term, not the short term.

Ballsack1503d ago


On track to sell 15 million before the years out..


bouzebbal1503d ago

Xperia phones and tablets are selling very well, i think it's a good business as well.

NewMonday1503d ago


the loss was mostly from the mobile division, the phones are great but they keep changing twice a year, also super cheap Chinese phones are taking over the market in Asia and South America, this has also hurt Samsung. as a result Kaz will replace the head of Sony Mobile in November.

and the loss is lower than projection because of strong PS4 sales..

BitbyDeath1503d ago

Amazing, and these numbers are 4 weeks old so likely over 14 million shipped as of today and 13 million sold.

GribbleGrunger1503d ago


15m? Try 17.5m - 18m.

insomnium21503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah. Big changes happen in small increments over a long period of time when said company is as big as Sony. It's good to see gaming doing well. Without PS4 Sony would be in even more real danger of going under.

Why is there so much inflation going on with yen? That in and of itself hurts Japanese companies like a mofo.

nX1503d ago

Damn 13,5 million, and people called me crazy when I said that 15million before end of the year are achieveable. Just imagine what happens when franchises like Gran Turismo or Uncharted are approaching.

chrismichaels041503d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success. It's a shame about the rest of Sonys divisions....but as a gamer, I'm a PlayStation fan.....not a Sony fan. As long as their PayStation gaming division continues having its amazing success, I'm happy.

Ultra1503d ago

IF all 13.5M was really sold, Sony should've had total revenue more than $5 Billion Dollars for gaming division now. But these reports don't indicate that, even with those PS3 and PS4 shipments combined.

Anon19741503d ago

Ultra said "If all 13.5M was really sold, Sony should've had total revenue more than $5 Billion Dollars for gaming division now."

I haven't had a chance to go over this, but this is just a quarterly report, is it not? Revenue would only be for a three month period ending Sept 30th.

Gamerbeyond1503d ago

ultra learn to read, they released sales from july-october, "with 3.3 million units shipped in the quarter", overall they sold 13.5mill.

XanderZane1503d ago

People, it's not SOLD, it's SHIPPED.

"And the performance of Sony’s new console is indeed strong, with 3.3 million units shipped in the quarter, bringing the total up to a very flattering 13.5 million, making it the fastest selling console in its first fiscal year of sales."

They have shipped 13.5 million total and SHIPPED 3.3 million in the quarter. The numbers are still impressive nonetheless.

fr0sty1503d ago

Sony just launched another PS2... This thing is a beast.

Curtaseeflush1502d ago


No its SOLD, not Shipped.
It is against the law for Sony or even microsoft to lie about sales.
Hence why Sony are releasing SALES figures, and Microsoft will only release Shipped Figures. Sony doing good, Microsoft not to proud of sales.
But MS hasnt released Sales figures since December 31st, and havent released Shipment Figures since April 1st.

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joab7771503d ago

I just don't understand why their TV and phone divisions can't get it turned around.

Why don't they just make an affordable line of TV'S and partner w/ verizon.

Once PS Now hits it will be very beneficial to get as many PS4's, TV'S, Vitas and Experias in customers hands as possible.

Blackleg-sanji1503d ago

The phones fail A. Because of low marketing and B. Because there only on like one carrier.
The tvs are just too expensive

The Great Melon1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Xperia phones have piqued my interest before, but they are never on my carrier (AT&T) when I am up for an upgrade. =\

MrSwankSinatra1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It's Sony's own fault with what happened to their TV Division. When economic recession happened they didn't respond. Sony continued to sell premium TV's at a premium price, Samsung then saw an opportunity and the rest is history. To this very day Sony continues to do that, instead of going the cheap and affordable route. Not to mention their advertising sucks.

DualWielding1503d ago

because they are Japanese company, they can't compete with the Koreans, costs are much cheaper in korean, even if both companies actually manufacture the stuff in third countries, having the headquaters in Japan instead of Korea makes a significant difference cost wise

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1503d ago

The problem is with how Sony operates that. They're known to introduce newer 'types' of products to the market with their few partners (samsung for instance). (3d, blu-ray, oled etc) Since when introducing something new the risk is enormous because production costs are high, therefore prices are high, therefore profit margins are small, but in addition to that, if the market doesn't take up 'x' new tech, you're looking at a massive loss. This is pretty much what keeps happening to their tv division lately.

Onenyte1503d ago

It sucks that they release a new phone every 6 months , the Xperia range is sooooo good it does not need it !!!

The tv's (depending on what size you go for ) are some of the best you can get on the market right now , I got the latest w6 LED just for £425 40",it's a reasonable price for an amazing tv .

With so much to choose from with tv's now , people Will by anything ,with only a few going out to actually do some reaserch in quality ,now days it's so easy to go into a supermarket and see a 48" generic brand for £300 and it will fly off the shelves .

But I have to say , with Panasonic,Sony, samsung (series 8 +) you get what you pay for when you spend big on them ,so worth it if you have the money .

Pogmathoin1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Sony sat on its ass when it came to TV's, phones and so on. By the time they reacted, they were finished. They should concentrate on PS and it new models of high end TV's. Problem though, whenever anything of high quality comes out, someone knocks it off and people go with price....

See some comments below, the fanboy stuff showing its face... As long as both sell, the industry is driven forward with competition..... thats called a 'win'....

EvoNeonLover191503d ago

Sony actually has the z3v on Verizon. The tvs need advertisement along with the phones. Ive seen 48 w6 series for $550 which I think is pretty good. Sony is also ditching the 2 phones a year thing, at least thats a rumor currently.

Death1503d ago

Sony has TV's in a pretty wide price range. I believe their lowered tiered TV's available at Walamart/K-mart hurt the perceived image that Sony offered a higher quality product. A lot of these budget ranged sets were outclassed by Samsung and LG. It wouldn't have been an issue if Sony didn't constantly change up their brand names for the higher quality sets. I own an 8 Series Samsung plasma. If you know anything about TV's, you know that is the highest line offered by Samsung. If you owned a high end Sony at one point is was a Bravia. When Bravia's started showing up at Walmart the name was being used on entry level sets. The XBR nameplate replace the Bravia name for high end sets, but even that is confusing when you see it breaks down by series. A 65" XBR can range from $2700 to $7000.

Add a Dualshock 4 to every Sony HDTV exclusively with a 12 month subscription to PSNow at a competitive price and it would be very hard to pass up.

Highlife1503d ago

Their phones must be somewhat selling. I ordered the Xperia Z3 last week from Tmobile and it's still back ordered.

cell9891503d ago

I have the xperia Z2, best phone ever, the camera is superb compared to the Galaxy's S5 camera or the Note, which stutters frames like a mofo when trying to take pics.

Their phones are so underrated by the media and consumers alike, they always name the big 3 android makers. HTC, Samsung and LG, but Sonys xperia gives them a run for their money.

The problem is availability and marketing as someone just pointed out. Right now the Z3 just came out and I believe it available on Tmobil and Verizon so it should have a little more exposure. I had to get my Z2 through ebay cause ATT did not offer it back in May. Thats how limited they are, its like Sony only wants to sell them in Europe

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lelo2play1503d ago

Sold or Shipped?... LOL.

As for 3.3 Million PS4 Sold in Q2 2014, that's great news for the PS4 and Sony's gaming division. Congrats.

MALVAD01502d ago

m$ = shipped and you guys are very proud about shipped numbers ...for everything you guys make a fucking storm on a glass of water ... buth hurt becouse ps4 is better and u cant deal with it
keep movin live doesnt end until is end

xD and we never see numbers from m$ only shipped lol 🙊🙈🙉 28541;

Curtaseeflush1502d ago


Where the hell did that comment come from.

Yh MS most likely arent very happy with sales, I wouldnt be.
Your right, MS=Shipped Sony=Sold.
But lelo2play was just clarifying facts.

Im a Sony lover, simply because they have good products and they never fail me, anyone doubts that needs to look at Sony great product history.
But you just acted like a MS fanboy and given PS owners another bad tick.

We know PS4 is better, its a fact. So why do you need to be on the defensive when their was no reason to be.

AngelicIceDiamond1503d ago

And this runaway success will continue.

spacedelete1503d ago

i just wish Sony would use some of that money to improve PSN and give us better PlayStation plus games. i used to want PS4 to have a bigger lead in sales as it is the better hardware and that is a fact but they are getting very lazy. we have this powerful console but we are only getting indies on it. most of their first party developers haven't even announced a game yet and haven't made a game since even before the pS3 was still in its prime.

they need to realise they are going up against MS who have essentially unlimited money.

BlackTar1871503d ago

I work in computer server and storage sales and i can tell you it takes quite a bit of time to buy servers have them assembled then integrated and up and running.

You can just do that overnight even with a huge lump of cash.

Death1503d ago

Overnight would be very difficult. Within a years time should be pretty easy.

BlackTar1871503d ago

Yes Death a year would be more doable.

That said it hasne't been a year yet. They haven't been making this money for a whole year yet. So thank you as your point is actually what i'm saying.

madmonkey011503d ago

i used to use sony phones, but i have started using the chinese android phones, they are just as good as the flagships from sony etc, but cost bout 25%.

ThatOneGuyThere1503d ago

no, they arent. cheaper? sure. just as good? no waaaaaaaay. not by a long shot.

Jamaicangmr1503d ago

Lol! No they're not as good. Just cheaper hell I'm currently using a Z1 and it has stood firm against competition. Upgrading to the Z3 this month.

madmonkey011502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

ok well £100 will get you an 8core andorid phone with the same ram, same screen res, and same features as any of the flag ships, it might be slighty worse quality, but at the price its a reasonable comprimise,

considerably more powerful than the latest iPhone for example.

TheWatercooler1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It's fantastic numbers. Wasn't Microsofts Q2 numbers similar but they had to combine both xbone and x360 and they where also shipped?

Update. 13.5 million ps4's shipped? Wooow. Again microsoft had to combine xbone and x360 and only shipped £3million.

Total slaughter

Fanci1503d ago

Your comment doesn't make any sense, it's 13.5million shipping since launch, not just in Q2, and 3 million xbox's shipped in Q2.

Griever1502d ago

Actually MS shipped 2.5 million combined Xbox consoles during the last quarter. On the other hand, Sony has shipped 3.3 million just PS4s in the last quarter. Overall, Sony has shipped `13.5 million PS4s since launch.

MrChicagoWind1503d ago

If Sony can revolutionize the mobile phone market like they did with the gaming market, (lets not have our heads up our asses, SharePlay is revolutionary) they can be on top right under Apple and Microsoft.

Magicite1502d ago

I think its a given PS4 worldwide shipments will reach 20m before 2015 or early 2015.

Mugen_mind1502d ago

PS4 will sell like hot cakes at an Overeaters Anonymous Convention this Christmas holiday. Xbox One will do will with the Call of Duty 1TB camo system bundle and the Sunset Overdrive white system bundle.

jspsc1231502d ago

sonys playstation and entertainment are the only good things sony has. their car and home audio is junk. their tvs are just meh, never liked lcd/led. they just need another walkman and trinitron.

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jjonez181503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

So PS4 has shipped 13.5m units. Probably sold somewhere around 12.5m.
If they can keep supply up they can easily surpass the 4.5m they shipped last Q3. Keep in mind that the PS4 was supply constrained, all while being available in about half the countries it's available in now.
Could we see 20m shipped? Sold? by the end of the year?

Kribwalker1503d ago

They hit the 10 million point according to internal estimates (if you read the fine print) in the middle of the quarter, so it'd probably be at max 12 shipped right now. Definitely good numbers

mkis0071503d ago

I just don't know how you would think only 12 million shipped when over 2 months ago 10 million sold was hit.
At the rate ps4 is selling month to month 12 million sold is far more plausible then 12 million only shipped.

Just look at the NPD for September... over 500,000 in the US alone that month sold through.

Apologies if I misinterpreted your words.

Kayant1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Hmmmm.... 7.5 + 2.7 + 3.3 = 13.5m shipped. What are you on about "probably" 12m shipped when the answer is right in their finance report. https://farm8.staticflickr....

callahan091503d ago

@mkis007 thanks for that link. So during the final quarter of the calendar year in 2013, they shipped 4.5 million. If they ship the same amount this year, that means they'll be at 18 million shipped through the end of 2014. Damn impressive.

AndrewLB1503d ago

Kribwalker- Your analysis is accurate. The fanboys have no idea what they're talking about.

mkis007- Sony announced 10 million sold-through in mid-August.

callahan091503d ago

@AndrewLB: Look at Kayant's comment two posts above yours. Kribwalker's analysis is not accurate. The numbers are readily available directly from Sony. They have shipped 13.5 million. It's a factual number, not a random guess.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1503d ago

Definitely not 20m. 16 mil maybe.

jjonez181503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

16m sold or shipped? Either way that's a very conservative number. It shipped/sold 4.5m in the same time last year. Sure that was launch inflation but they can surely match that number if not increase it by the end of the holidays.
As it stands now my guess would be, 13.5m + 4.5m = 18m

That's excluding the entire month of October, since PS4 released in mid November. So it's more like ~14.0m + 4.5m = 18.5m. So I'm predicting between 4.5m - 5.5m shipped by the beginning of January. Leaving the total just shy of 20m.

All shipped estimates of course. Wii was able to push something north of 6m units for the holiday. Im not expecting PS4 to match that(although it is ahead in shipped figures for first year), but I do expect a top showing from the best selling console.

mysteryraz111503d ago

good the ps4 is selling and making them profits,hopefully they can turn around their smartphone sector somehow and ends that are losing them money

buyakabuyaka61991503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Gaming Division doing good, that is all I care about. Good job sony. Keep it up.

Tundra1503d ago

I'll say, they're absolutely smashing the competition in the console gaming department. Hopefully the can reinvigorate themselves.

GL Sony.