Ubisoft - Far Cry 4 is a major leap for the franchise

Far Cry 4 is a major leap forward for the franchise. “When I look back at Far Cry 4’s development, I’m amazed at what the team pulled off,” says Executive Producer Dan Hay. I’m proud of both the quality and the sheer volume in Far Cry 4.”

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SonZeRo1355d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, although it has to take a backseat till i have atleast a few lvl100's in WoW :)

joab7771355d ago

Lol. I am one of the few that didn't like FC3 too much...very repetitive. This may be a huge step forward but the locals look very similar, although with next gen graphics. As long as it isn't the same thing over and over.

cyclindk1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I played Blood Dragon so much more ;) but mostly due to the lack of Battlefront 3 and the pretty lasers in that wonderful piece of dlc

HanCilliers1355d ago

I felt FC3 was at least less repetitive then FC2

ironfist921355d ago

Unity, Rogue, Far Cry 4, Crew, cant wait for them all. Ubisoft is firing on all cylinders in the game department.

A shame they cant keep their mouth shut about a few things tho.

jocomat91355d ago

Is there anything on the pvp multiplayer portion of the game? Been waiting to see something on it.

HanCilliers1355d ago

MWEB GameZone talks a bit about the pvp in other articles

midnight_231355d ago

Yes there is, there is a new video that focuses on the multiplayer. You could look it up on YouTube, it is also here on n4g, somewhere.

hiredhelp1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

This was were it all started Wayyyy before crysis 1

user56695101355d ago

Good to hear them talking about gameplay instead of resolution and gfx. Sounds interesting maybe get it a while after release kinda burned out on sequels