New Yakuza Zero PS4 Screenshots Show Ye Olde Tokyo in Shiny 1080p; Compare Graphics with Yakuza 5

Sega released today a new batch of screenshots showing the upcoming prequel of the Yakuza series Yakuza Zero in all its 1080p glory.

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Fishy Fingers1476d ago

Shiny? Dualshockers scrapping the barrel for adjectives to jazz up the (industry standard) resolution.

badz1491476d ago

industry standard? yeah...try telling THAT to Ubisoft!

TheStrokes1476d ago

I'd love for them to do a current-Gen-only Yakuza. Make it a lot more interactive and atmospheric. Keep the fighting system but overhaul the graphics and it would add a hell of a depth of atmosphere. This franchise is as close as we can get to Shenmue for now.

CocoWolfie1476d ago

hopefully in december we hear about that shenmue <3

Yaay4me1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

So in the mood for a little yakuza brawl right now. Loved the only yakuza game i ever played. It was the one where he was caring for some orphan children. They remind me a little of Shenmue ),:

TheStrokes1476d ago

That's the 3rd one. The brawls were great in it, eh?

Yaay4me1476d ago

Yeah i think it was. (: good game. Different. Nice change of pace.