Driveclub is Revenue Generating Genius

GamerVet Hockey Glory goes through Driveclub's sequence of events and gives his opinion that it's a nice cash grab.

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1stPersonHuman1510d ago

Anti-consumerist policies, even Sony can't get away from it. Gamers should be in an uproar over this.

donthate1509d ago

but they aren't. Instead they will excuse it!

Zenith4k1509d ago

Have you even looked at Facebook or Twitter there is uproar there I haven't seen anybody defend what is happing but maybe you have in Xbox land.

VforVideogames1509d ago

no excuses here I return my copy the next day.

nX1509d ago

Mistakes happen, everyone makes them. The game itself is worth it's money and we will probably get some form of compensation so I'm not to angry about this disaster (yes this launch was a ridiculous disaster but Diablo 3 or Battlefield 4 were ones as well... and those games turned out pretty good in the end).

It's the intentional cash-grabs that get my uproar, like why does EA and FIFA/Madden get away with minor yearly updates for the full price or why do we get 3 Assasin's Creed games within a few weeks or why does Activision milk the CoD cow so much.

redwin1509d ago

I feel bad for all Sony fans, really, you don't deserve this.

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Hoffmann1509d ago

Or just boycott dlc, never pre-order, never buy season passes, never do microtransactions in video games and see how the whole industry would have to back-pedal.

Instead, millions of us are supporting all these shady strategies.

TheStrokes1509d ago

I never buy any of the above. I remember buying Tiger Woods 2012 and halfway through a tournament I couldn't play half the courses! With the amount of money we pay for a game, it shouldn't have parts missing. Never bought Tiger Woods since and any EA game I buy, I buy from eBay.

mydyingparadiselost1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I don't support any of it either, I can literally count the games I've pre ordered and bought DLC for on one hand, but people who don't care about gaming as an art or about industry practices in general will buy just because they can. It's awful, but it would take quite a bit to make the average customer take a step back and realize just how much they're screwing themselves and others over by buying into these scummy practices.


This is why this generation wanted to go all digital or some form of DRM. The devs wanted more money and since you can still buy used games, these devs are trying to recoup what they feel they have lost due to used game sales. In their opinion, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. So this is what we have to deal with.

Stoppokingme1509d ago

I've learned my lesson. Never go day one again.

There's nothing wrong with dlc IF it is done properly, but when people are forced to pay extra for content that should've been available from day one then that's just...

Nobody buys a car and pays extra for the steering wheel.

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LackTrue4K1509d ago

Sony just bull5hitted all this time about A free version of the game!

Glad I'm trading it in for GTAV and Far-Cry4

Angeljuice1509d ago

"Glad I'm trading it [[email protected] £34.99] in for GTAV and Far-Cry4 [[email protected] £110]

Good luck with that!

MysticStrummer1509d ago

Yes all this negative publicity is a master stroke by Sony.


Some of you guys really push the boundary between fanboy and parody.

2cents1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

They really should be IMO. But... defence of Sony seems to be the main agenda.

Call it as you see it, MS would have been absolutely slaughtered if they did this, ABSOLUTELY SLAUGHTERED!

Yet we have a fantastic display of double standards.

Im not calling for blood or anything stupid, but I am finding the bias behaviour very difficult to accept.
Both Sony and MS should be called out when they play us for fools. We have pushed MS onto the back ropes so many times for every single little nuance that we could find. I guess many are so deep in their allegiance they find it hard to be honest anymore, to themselves and others around them. its easier to just pretend nothing is wrong.

I think their behaviour around this whole thing was extremely cunning and dishonest and I am glad that Yoshida finally came out and took a bite of that humble pie. Lets hope they learn from this and don't try to dupe us again around future titles and offers.

Edit: @Utalkin2me, EVERYONE would have slaughtered MS if they did this to... let's say, Forza Horizon 2. First say there will be a free version for live subscribers, then say a month before launch, oh sorry its delayed. Then nearly a year later, release a trailer saying 'Driveclub killer'. The game gets launched and people cannot play online, no weather, no replay, no this, no that, no nothing. AND no free version yet... Hmmm... But its still on SALE!!! How polite do you think people would be towards Team Xbox? Xbox owner or not?

You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. The general attitude towards Sony is very rose tinted, if you don't believe that, not my problem. The truth still exists without your acceptance of it.

Utalkin2me1509d ago


So you're saying Xbox fans would have slaughtered MS for doing this, or i mean ABSOLUTELY SLAUGHTERED!?

It was a botched launch and alot of heat was given to Sony and Evo for how things laid out. Check Twitter and facebook alot of upset fans.

1nsomniac1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Well said, it's actually this very website & the people on it that are actually making me fed up with Sony the most. The childish attitudes that seem to have reached embarrassing levels are the reason these companies are now able to get away with it. These current double standards are shameful & the most embarrassing thing is these people don't have the intellect to understand they are damaging it for themselves.

2cents1509d ago


The thing I hate the most is how every single one of us that visit this site has been led to fight with each other thanks to the gaming media and their narcissistic pleasures.

This should be a place that we can all express our pleasures and interests, learn from others and recommend experiences. That's what friends do, that's what like minded people do.

#Gamergate and all the surrounding issues have completely and utterly destroyed any humanity left in this hobby. Everyone is an expert, everyone is a critic and everyone is a moron, including me sometimes.

The majority of the press are selfish,
Sony and MS have shareholders,
Every games publisher only want our money.
Extremist feminists want all male gamers penises in a box on a shelf.
The list goes on.

It seems that every possible external energy is focused on keeping us from enjoying gaming and being happy, they are unfortunately succeeding.

I wish I could just hang out here and talk about the fun to be had with all the games around the corner, but most of the article are orchestrated to make us have a one sided opinion. I try to post on the neutral articles as much as possible just to keep myself sane, but a lot of this anger spills into those articles too.

Looking at my comment history I cannot understand why I have only two bubbles, but maybe I'm just not a voice that wants to be heard. Reminds me of the matrix, everyone seems to be jacked in, anyone who is disconnected is feared for having an opinion that is outside the conforms of the rules of fanboydom instigated by the press. I see you have only two bubbles as well, lol.

Well, I'll give you a vote up, not that it will make much difference :)
Lets just hope that more people decide to take the red pill.

1nsomniac1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Again, I totally agree with you. I can come across as an aggressive idiot on here too sometimes & as you say it's because the current state of the industry & stupidity of fanboys is enough to drive anybody literally insane!

Everyone is currently out to get each other on this website & people who are easily persuaded or encouraged by the media are finding it more & more easier to put blind faith in company's & people that they have no personal relations with. It's just crazy that people can be so blind but it lets corporations get away with inexcusable business practices & turns the normal free-will logical people into these apparent "conspiracy theorists" & "Spoilt cry-babies".

It's all a bit stupid & childish at the moment. The industry & this website.

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bennissimo1509d ago

lol "uproar"

The furor should start over the fact that the game hasn't worked since launch, and when it does work, it's just a generic racer with pretty graphics.

CYCLEGAMER1509d ago will not happen on this site. N4G is the hub for pro Sony individuals.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Another retarded conspiracy theory...

I have asked this once and i'll ask the question again;

So Sony and Evolution Studios sabotaged their game to purposely get negative press and sell more games?

Unless you truly are retarded then you do understand that negative press usually does not result in increased sales of any video game.

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Bennibop1509d ago

Far to many conspiracy theories about Driveclub out there at the moment. The reality is these things happen, how many Consecutive COD launches have we seen where there have been problems for the the first few weeks with the multiplayer aspects even though the game comes annually. I believe that Driveclub is being used as a weapon in fan wars because the reality is most people have been able to play online for a week now and none of the aspect that were not working broke the single player game.

strangeaeon1509d ago

Nice deflection in bringing up fanboys, but it doesn't change the fact that this game has been a dumpster fire from the start.Some of you people really stretch the boundaries of supporting a corporation. I am pretty sure if this wasn't Sony, you would not be nearly as forgiving.

Caffo011509d ago

and if it wasn't Sony you would be more forgiving.

Death1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I can't remember a launch this botched in the past 30 or so years. A one year delay I can understand. A one year delay and an incredibly broken or unfinished game is mind blowing. Throw in the indefinite delay of the PS+ version and you can't help but wonder how any company can be this inept at making and releasing a game. This isn't Evolution or Sony's first time at the rodeo. Both have excellent track records which makes Driveclub's problems difficult to understand.

Driveclub is a very good game. The launch issues that never should have happened/happening is the problem. Delaying the Plus edition makes no sense. Disable online and release it already. Patch it later and enable online then. It's not like the rest of the game isn't being patched in later for the retail version anyway.

wsoutlaw871509d ago

The free edition is to showcase the game and make people want to buy it releasing a broken game wont do that. They should wait until the game works perfectly before releasing the plus version and i dont want to play it until then. They shouldn't have released the full game either but too late now i guess. A lot if games have issues with online at release but this has been way to long. DC is trying to compete with battlefield apparently. All that said, Sony would be stupid to intentionally do any of this and to try and make this a "cash grab" doesnt make sense

Death1509d ago

The bottom line is Driveclub Plus edition was promised at launch to Plus subscribers. That needs to be addressed before increasing sales of the retail version. Withholding the game to increase sales is shady as hell if that indeed is what is happening and not something any gamer should promote regardless the system they own.

If the servers are the issue, remove the online component for Plus subscribers and patch it in later when it's fixed. I'm certain the majority of subscribers would rather enjoy the game offline today and play online later than not play at all. It's still a great game offline.

rainslacker1509d ago

I really don't understand the reasoning behind this conspiracy theory. If DC worked fully, then yeah, it's really shady, but the game doesn't work, and that is pretty well known.

Why would a huge number of people go out an buy a broken game, with only modest reviews, when they know that at some point they'll get the chance to play the free version.

I know they may have gotten a few extra sales this way, but I imagine they would have made a lot more from the people upgrading the free version after they saw how good it could be. Doesn't that make a lot more sense than this silly conspiracy?

I wanted DC as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to go buy a broken game, and honestly, I care more about the SP experience than the MP one, but I still want to try it first.

Spotie1508d ago

Batltlefield was worse.

One of the more recent Sim games was worse.

" an incredibly broken or unfinished game"

"Driveclub is a very good game."

These two things CANNOT be true.

You're so full of it I almost want to punch a wall. I can't fathom how you twist reality around in order to have this bullshit make sense to you.

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Master-H1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I've played most CODs to date at launch and they all worked online from the get go, some might have had minor lobby glitches and bugs but they worked, and even if they didn't work it doesn't mean it's ok and we should accept any game that has the same problems.

Stop with the excuses , Evolution should face their own incompetence. Sure even GTA V had big online problems at it's launch, but that had +10 million people playing at the same time, Drive Club had below the million and on top of that DriveCLub has been marketed as a social racer, where you can race with your online club and all.

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Ashlen1509d ago

Driveclub is truly the biggest scam I have ever seen in gaming, and still people defend them about this, which blows my mind.

Cupid_Viper_31509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ Ashlen

"Driveclub is truly the biggest scam I have ever seen in gaming"

Kindly GTFO here with that buddy. No doubt the launch of the game has been terrible, but "BIGGEST SCAM!?" Microsoft is coming off a console that had 54% failure rate. In other words, the majority of the consoles failed! You're talking about biggest scam being DriveClub?

Scam is when execs tell you that you cannot freely sell your used games to your friends. Or when they tell you that the Xbox One can't work without Kinect 2.0 being on at all times. Or swear that the console will never be sold without Kinect, then a month and a half later, they unbundle it.

When every year right before COD and Halo releases on the Xbox 360 Microsoft would go on massive "Console Banning" sprees, so that they could inflate the holiday sales. For 8 years, people were forced to pay for Xbox Live in order to use Netflix, and even the web browser. Things are free on phones and everywhere else. Yet this is the biggest scam "Ashlen" has ever seen in gaming folks. Journalists are currently being exposed for fake/paid off reviews, yet this is the Driveclub is the biggest scam he's seen in gaming. Microsoft has a parity clause going yet this is the biggest scam this guy has ever seen

Did you want to talk about "biggest scam you've seen in gaming" or did you simply want to take a moment to spew nonsense?

For 2 years in a row, NBA2K15 Lauched with major issues with their servers.

Nobody made a huge deal about it. Yet Driveclub is getting pounded left and right, and nobody seems to be able to get over it.

Ka7be1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

MS and Apple are the biggest scammers in the world.
I know there are other companies who scam, but non of them is on the level of scamming as MS and Apple.

"For 2 years in a row, NBA2K15 Lauched with major issues with their servers.

Nobody made a huge deal about it. Yet Driveclub is getting pounded left and right, and nobody seems to be able to get over it. "

So true!

Kribwalker1509d ago

Your 53% number is quite ridiculous. It comes from an game informer survey that could be a tonne of fanboys clicking on it. If you want something more accurate, read this article where it discusses how many consoles are still active, vs sold. That will give you a real idea of broken consoles.

As well, at least MS took care of the customers with an extended warranty ect. One of my 3 PS3s I had got the yellow light of death and they wanted half the cost to fix it

PlayableGamez1509d ago

Uh what are you talking about?

equal_youth1509d ago

funny how people are disagreeing with you^^
but you are spot on right!

Cupid_Viper_31509d ago

@ Kribwalker

Here is IGN

From DailyTech, on July 2, 2007, Retailers reporting that Xbox 360 failure rates as high as 33%.

The list goes on and on. But you're welcome to google it yourself.

Death1509d ago


Let it go already. The RROD issues are getting ready to have their 10th birthday. Microsoft acknowledged the problem and extended the warranty to three years for the consoles affected by it. The problem was handled, it's time to move on.

Cupid_Viper_31509d ago

@ Death,

So the essence of your post is to say that, although Microsoft released a console that was poorly engineered and needed more testing, they eventually fixed the problem some 5-6 years later with the Xbox 360 slim. And that because they also had a warranty program after denying it, then being sued for it.

But on that same token, you feel that DriveCLub is forever broken and can never be fixed, like MS Supposedly fixed the RROD issue? And that Ashen is right in saying that Driveclub is the biggest scam he's ever seen in gaming?

Or is it you folks who "Need to let it go already?"

green1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Not sure i understand but how can RROD be a scam when Microsoft did not get away with it. If i am not mistaking, didn't Microsoft have to spend over £1 billion dollars (figure as of 2007) to try and rectify the issue? That is not even counting money spent to try and change the image perception that RROD caused to the Xbox brand.

Concertoine1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I dont think you understand how revenue works if you think the RROD was a "scam". It cost MS millions of dollars, and selling additional consoles which themselves were sold for a 200 dollar loss could only hurt them and their image.

That said DC isn't a scam either, just a ridiculous display of incompetency.

Cupid_Viper_31509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ the guys above who are questioning the RROD scam.

First off, Microsoft knew from the start the XBox 360 was NOT ready for the market. They Knew that the consoles have a very HIGH failure rate.

Secondly, the console should have never passed the FCC regulations. It wasn't ready for market, period.

Over $1 billion is pocket change for Microsoft, and they would gladly pay that to still beat beat to the market and have a year head start.

Thirdly, after the courts found out that Microsoft was selling a broken product, there should have been a massive recalls of all XBox 360 units. And they weren't supposed to continue to be sold until the issue was completely resolved.

If Toyota was found to be selling a defective series of car, there would be massive recalls and all sales for those models would be halted.

The warranty itself was a joke! Some 42% of console would break again after being sent in. People would keep re-buying the console because Microsoft kept on promising the newer japser/Falcom/Elite models to be more reliable.

And mentioning the "cost to repair their image"....That was the cheapest part of the whole scam. IGN, 1UP, EDGE, and pretty much the entire North American press were singing praises for the XBOX 360. Do you think it was all a coincidence?
When pressed about the RROD issue, here's MS's defacto statement:

"Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry. We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems. Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of "most played console" and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out."

It was a huge scam! The fact that you guys still can't see it only speaks to its effectiveness.

tlougotg1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


Stop being a shill man. Microsoft didnt take care of %hit they were forced too after they lied about rrod being an issue, they were dragged to court on a class action lawsuit and forced to correct their errors. Like wtf you guys read your news from or have been all these years? You dodnt %ucking know Microsoft denied rrod for years and said it wasnt a big issue, people first few years had to buy new xboxs because rrod wasnt covered by warranty and or warranty expired lol Look it up buddy its common knowledge.... Stop giving Microsoft props where it isnt due.

Concertoine1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Ok, its a scam. Just not one MS aspired to make any money from. But this guy's alledging that Sony released Driveclub with the intent to make money from it, and you are doing the same with the RROD. MS would gain nothing, nothing, from having people re buy their console. They would lose money on the new console sold, and the replaced one would be sitting used on a shelf at gamestop and would cost them a future sale. Then if that one broke, they'd have to spend more money to fix it. You realize how silly that sounds now, right?

So the RROD is far from relevant in comparison to DC the way you state it. However they ARE both related in that they were botched launches.

Death1509d ago


Unless you worked at Microsoft in the Xbox division, you don't know anything. I knew/seen/talked to many of the people in the division years prior to and after release of the 360. They were as shocked as the rest of us with the reliability of the console when the problems started showing up.

Sony and Microsoft have both been taken to court over their consoles. None of your theories/fantasies on what should have happened actually happened.

Why you would think any company would purposely launch a console with a much higher than expected failure rate is beyond reason. They are very lucky they recovered from the PR nightmare the failures caused. The billion dollar investment they made to make the problems right says a lot about the company.

It's cool that you hate Microsoft, but try to find a good reason. I can give you a list of things Sony has done to irritate me over the past 20 years, but none of these things have prevented me from buying their products. The worst thing that has happened to date resulted in me not trusting them with my credit card information. I do everything with pre-paid cards/codes now. In the past I felt the need to buy extended warranties since the generous 90 day warranty offered very little protection for the multiple consoles I had to purchase to replace defective ones. The PS and PS2 were far from perfect consoles, but my launch PS3 has been excellent and lasted well beyond my expectations. The quality of the PS4 seems top notch also, but I am considering an extended warranty since I am starting to wonder how Sony will take care of possible console failures due to updates.

Cupid_Viper_31509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ concertoine

"Ok, its a scam. Just not one MS aspired to make any money from."

Ugh.... I don't even know what to say here at this point. So you think MS rushed the XBOX 360 out before it was ready in order NOT to make money?

Sony on the other hand "DELAYED" Driveclub to the ire of a lot of people. That fact in no way excuses the less than mediocre launch. But it absolutely distances the product from "moneygrab" and "scam" labeling.

And before I forget, Being caught and paying up 1 billion dollars (or whatever amount) doesn't stop it from being a scam. The scam here is in knowingly selling a highly defective product to a consumer, then denying it there's anything wrong with said product, until being sued and forced to deal with it.

@ Death

I stopped reading after " Unless you worked at Microsoft and XBox division". You know why, because I know for sure that YOU don't work for Microsoft or the XBOX Division either.

But thank God for google,

Microsoft knew. The top execs knew. I invinte anyone reading this to do a quick 10 seconds search on google.

Concertoine1509d ago

I've said in my first comment i didn't think driveclub was a moneygrab either.

I just explained to you why the RROD as a means of increasing profit is a ridiculous assertion, and you ignored it. They wanted to save money by pulling a few screws out (figuratively), it backfired and costed them millions. Thats all there is to it. Any false obsolescence, MS would know as a corporation, would cost them way too much.

Death1509d ago


I've been in the game testing lab in Redmond. They play tested games for the 360 on pre-production consoles for quite some time. They were not testing the hardware and didn't have access to the consoles. They didn't have access to the hardware engineers either. They are temps that play games in a very small room. I'm not sure how much I can discuss or if my NDA's are still valid. You will believe what you choose to believe. The first hand experiences and information I have don't support your claims or that of the fired temp that didn't have the integrity or intelligence to honor an NDA.

You don't know that I didn't work at Microsoft. You don't know me and Death isn't the name my mother and father gave me either. You are correct though, I never have nor ever wanted to work for Microsoft. That does not mean I haven't been there and knew/know quite a few people that work/worked there. It's a large company and has been around for awhile. I've been around for awhile.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1509d ago


"Not sure i understand but how can RROD be a scam when Microsoft did not get away with it."

Actually they did get away with. 83 million consoles.

With a minimum 30% failure rate

That means nearly 25 million Xbox 360's failed and one can readily assume that at a bare minimum, 50% of the people who had one of the broken machines bought another one

At 200 bucks a pop times 12 million that's 2.4 billion dollars.

According to you Microsoft spent 1 billion to remedy the issue, that still leaves 1.4 billion dollars that Microsoft used to steal more money from consumers by selling broken software.

So when you say that Microsoft didn't get away with anything, they actually did simply because people like you believe they've changed their ways.

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Jdoki1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )



I won't defend this clusterfuck launch, but think about what you're saying...

What would realistically earn Sony more profit...

1. Ploughing millions in to DC, and then selling it to happy customers who signed up to PS+, or pre-ordered, and new customers who see like the look of a perfectly working game.


Ploughing millions in to DC, while all along intending to scam people out of the money by delaying the game a year to profit from PS+ sign ups and pre-orders to pad their bottom line in the short term. Generating bad faith, losing potential sales (from people like me waiting to see the PS+ version) and having to spend more fixing issues.

The second option doesn't make sense. You make more by selling a good quality product.

Scam... Jeez. Get a grip.

rainslacker1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Here's a simpler example

1. Put millions into DC, purposefully break the release to get a few extra retail/full version sales...lets say 10K at most...being generous.

2. Put millions into DC, have the game working getting retail/full version sales and all those PS+ upgrade sales as well once people wanted more from the game...which is what a demo is meant for. Yeah...Sony wouldn't do that...that's silly...must be a conspiracy.

Option 1 s a brilliant way to make some extra bucks, while in the meantime refunds are given out, bad press ensues, the game's good traits are forever marred in the public eye(likely killing the franchise and possibly the studio).

Sometimes I wonder if these conspiracy theorist really think things through or have even the most basic knowledge of how to sell games.

This game was a big deal for Sony. It was their answer to Forza this holiday, and I can't believe that they would jeopardize all the good faith they've built since the reveal just to sell a minuscule number of copies in the grand scheme of things.

Sony and Evo screwed up the launch of this game big time. I can't really defend them there, but this conspiracy stuff is just stupid.

PlayableGamez1509d ago

Personally I think Online passes and DLC are the biggest scam in video game history. But that is just me.

Utalkin2me1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


I said that about Xbox360 RROD.


The reason Ms extended the warranty was cause the government stepped in and made them do it.

DevelopmentArrested1509d ago

I don't remember the government stepping in and making them do that. My memory could be bad though.

wsoutlaw871509d ago

seriously, where is the "scam"? They have online issues, yes, but thats not what a scam is.

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keki1509d ago

lol those guys are cutting cake on Facebook since day one!

Sokol1509d ago

Not a good practice, EVO should had iron out the current online issues during the already long one year delay the game has went through..

I understand there are time deadlines on a product, I personally deal with those challenges on daily work basics but to assure quality for the customer you have to have:
- good management
- able bodies to get the job done
- time management
- quality product assurance

Know your time frame and work around the clock to get it done on time or take a note from Blizzard (before activison) famous quote:

"It will be out, when its ready".

I have been holding on purchasing many new releases this generation simple because to many developers are releasing broken and unfinished product and then rely on major day one patches or weeks after the game had been released (based on paying customer feedback) fixes.

Its not a good business practice and it will eventually backfire from the loyal fans.

This isn't Driveclub's only problem, other games have been culprits as well.

Hope the game gets fixed properly in near future, I'm actually looking into playing it but not in its current state of price point.
That ship already sailed..

rainslacker1509d ago

I think the biggest issue is is that they didn't have a beta. That's almost a must nowadays in a game with such a big online center IMO. In the pre-release to the press, and some other people, there were apparently no problems at all. Many people even said it worked flawlessly in that regard. I'm sure they expected some server problems like you see with any online game on day one, but apparently there was actual code which caused the problems which was only found out when thousands of users tried to use the servers.

That's the kind of thing that a beta is meant for. I'm sure the game will get fixed, and I'm sure Sony will compensate people who have brought the game. They've been rather silent other than to acknoledge it, but maybe that's just because they don't have a time frame on when it will be fixed. From what I understand though, it's getting better.