New Final Fantasy XV Video Shows Incredible Day/Night Cycle, Weather, Character Models and More

During a conference at Paris Games Week Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata showcased a new video demo of the game, giving a glimpse on its tech.

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Magicite1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Final Fantasy Redeemed.

P.S. I just hope I can play this next year or early 2016 as latest.

Lord_Sloth1423d ago

I can't wait to ride my Chocobo all over the land looking for the perfect fishing spot. XXXD

user55757081423d ago

Graphics and environment look great. Still concerned about the gameplay though.

purpleblau1423d ago

if they can really pull this one off, this is gonna be amazing! Unbelievable graphics!

Tsar4ever011422d ago

I'd sure like for Naughty Dog to show a development video of the next Uncharted game like this.

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gangsta_red1423d ago

I was disappointed that this game didn't have the recruit or character switching I wanted to return from to the FF series...but man, this game just looks epic!

I'm just going to have to get this for the Xbox One and leave my nostalgia in the trunk of the mind car and just enjoy this game.

Snookies121423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Aside from character switching (are we sure this isn't in? We've seen it in previous videos, but I keep hearing both yes and no) and combat system. This does seem like a return to form for Final Fantasy. Open world, flyable airship, mini-games, old-school enemies, etc.

UltimateMaster1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

You can switch characters from what I've heard of their latest update.

Kurisu1423d ago

Nope. Tabata apologised during the last live stream for people being misled. The marketing team accidentally put a video on the JP PS Store showing old game play where switching was still featured.

babadivad1423d ago

Why are you getting so many disagrees??
What did you say?

MeteorPanda1423d ago

Truth was spoken. On N4G this is frowned upon.


moegooner881422d ago

He is a troll, check his comment history.

jhoward5851423d ago

Fantasy XV has some really amazing lighting effects, especially the cave scene.

-Foxtrot1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

The battle system to this game is bloody dissapointing compared to what we were shown. Then there's apparently no character switching. It seems Nomura took them in a better direction and once he left they wanted to do FF13 crap.

I think he was pushed out

I'm scared it's going to be like FF13's hype where we are all blinded by the fact it's a next gen FF game and looks extremely pretty graphic/visual wise but as a FF game the magic isn't there.

HeavenlySnipes1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

square knows they can't f this up

Final Fantasy sales are down even though they went multiplat. If they screw this one up the series is officially done imo

-Foxtrot1423d ago

But then again don't they think FF13 did well?

I mean despite being one of the most hated main FF games they seemed pretty happy with sales.

For them if sales are good they just don't give a shit.

DiscoKid1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I agree with that, but so far, it seems they are investing most into visuals rather than gameplay. I mean yea sure classic enemies, airships, and open world is fine, but those barely scratch the surface of a true Final Fantasy adventure.

This is the route Square-Enix has taken. They've become focused on the cinematic aspects of gaming, which is fine, but I hope they can offer more in the gameplay realm.

I don't want this game to fail, because if it does, it's gonna hurt. Badly.

AsheXII1423d ago

Nomura had 6 years to give the game a direction, he failed. Tabata is doing this job better than nomura ever did.

-Foxtrot1423d ago

Well it's a little unfair on him when Square was breathing down his neck the whole time

They changed the entire thing, it was supposed to be the Fabula Nova Crystallis series featuring Agito, FF13 and FF13 Versus...they changed that and with the sequels they most likely told Nomura to hold them back

Tabata is doing an awful job in my opinion, apart from the graphics, he's downgraded everything compared to Nomuras gameplay. Plus he has no track record of AAA console games, why would you give a man like that the keys to making the next main FF game. It's like replacing Kojima on the next MGS with a new guy who's just started.

kowan1423d ago

Nomura succeeded in what he aimed for the game. Tabata is merely continuing what Nomura has done so far. Tabata isn't changing anything from the art direction, story, characters and overall concept of the battle system, he is just finishing it. If it weren't for NOmura, we'd have nothing to see at all.

Adrian_v011423d ago


Google interviews from a few years ago about FFversusXIII. This game is far away from Nomura's initial idea of how it was supposed to be.

kingdomtriggers1423d ago

Dude I bet you don't even know anything about the combat. Let me guess you just heard those crappy quotes from Tabata and haven't actually looked into the clarifications regarding the combat system. Have you heard about timing based parrying, timing to execute co-op attacks, challenging optional dungeons, setting up your weapon deck, using a parkour system to climb up huge enemies and hit their weak points, a dedicated technique button, phantom swords? No character switching is a huge blow, but don't make judgements when you obviously don't know much.

-Foxtrot1423d ago

Don't know anything about the combat

Mate do me a favour, take the old gameplay by Nomura and compare it to the new gameplay

It's totally different, Nomuras was faster, looked like it got you involved more, had a great pace to it...Tabata has taken a huge step backwards

I mean I don't see why your trying to defend it, the proof is there in the differences.

So don't say I don't know much when it's right there in front of us.

kingdomtriggers1423d ago

sure thats easy. So, the combat seems to have evolved from the button mashing that Nomura seemed to be striving for (huge KH fan, but its true). We have to customize our combos pre-battle by choosing which weapon is are starting hit, our main combo weapon, and weapon for the finisher, etc. Also, watch the clip Tabata released during the extended look where it looks even faster than Nomura's. Have you ever heard of games starting out slow, and then getting faster paced as the character levels up? Yea lots of action rpgs do that and Tabata released a clip showing a high level Noctis who is faster than Nomura's incarnation of Noctis. Also, Tabata confirmed that with the exception of character switching, ever feature is still intact and improved on compared to when it was Nomuras. Also, we have to pay attention to our positional correspondings to our allies and enemies, and can trigger certain coop attacks by meeting certain battle conditions. And yes you don't know much. You probably just read the occasional article on N4G but you definitely haven't looked into the game.

colonel1791423d ago

I saw a livestream where Tabata said that while character switching is gone, the combat will remain exactly as it has been shown since they announced the game. He also said that the game will start slow and when you get to higher levels, the combat will get faster and more complex (but simple to use).

They have always said that it is very similar to Kingdom Hearts, and Tabata confirmed that in the live stream, but he said that added a little bit of Type 0. Kingdom Hearts also start very slow (in combat) and becomes very fast paced. I am not worried that they could deliver in that front.

I think Tabata is a good director, and Type 0 was highly praised in Japan. Another things is that even though Nomura is not directing, he is still involved with the game.

Eiyuuou1422d ago

I initially disliked the battle system when I heard about it. But then I thought: "Let's just see how it plays."

It might sound bad on paper but maybe it plays better than expected. There might be more to it than meets the eye.

Combat system aside, I see this going in the right direction. After all, aren't they giving what many fans are asking for (aside from turn based combat)? Open world, summons, mini games, (hopefuly airships). We also have awesome music and classic enemies.

Let's just wait and see! ^^

TomahawkX1422d ago

the new director also directed crisis core and type-0, have some faith dude.

-Foxtrot1422d ago

After Squares recent track thanks

Crises Core was meh and Type-0 was alright but mainly stands out since the main FF game, FF13 is terrible.

TomahawkX1422d ago

and this game looks nothing like FFXIII so what's your point? don't talk about the game like you've played it.

-Foxtrot1422d ago

Course it doesn't, never said it did look like FF13

I just said the whole things been downgraded combat wise.

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LordofYogurt1423d ago

I will play the living hell out of this appears that Final Fantasy is indeed finally making a comeback.

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