COD Advanced Warfare has a region lock on Share Play

PS4 Daily has learned that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have a region lock on the PS4's new Share Play feature.

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tlougotg1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Of course Activision would make sure of this.


Ive tried it several times with different ppl all over and it was great, ppl didnt even notice lag or graphics compression. What dont you guys understand? IT depends on the internet service of both of you and you need at least 5mb upload if your the host to make sure it isnt a laggy mess. Its like saying "3D in avatar sucked" yet you dont have a 3D tv to view it lol or you have a first gen model lol

Impressions are in globally, Shareplay is an awesome feature that works as promised!!!! majority of impressions on internet are praising it!!! Get a better isp and better upload/dl speeds, stop blaming it on shareplay lol

Utalkin2me1504d ago

Well actually me and a friend both have 50 down and 5 up and we live 2 doors from each other and it wasn't running smooth at all and was very compressed. And there was a far amount of delay too. But im sure they will iron some things out.

impet251504d ago

I hope u realize that when your isp says your upload speed is 5 mb it means up to 5 mb an you will be under that 5 mb most of the time. Check your speed test.

Utalkin2me1503d ago

Mine is actually a constant 5.8. I'm pretty aware of how networking works.

ZeroX98761504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Tried it and share play is just pure awesomeness!

We both had fiber op connection 50 mbs download and 30 mbs of upload (which is the lowest speed package for our fiber op service) and it ran extremely smooth. I could play an FPS and be decent in it even when playing over share play.

I know that not everyone got a good connection, but for those having one, share play works flawlessly.

LonDonE1504d ago

Agreed it is an awesome next gen feature!
But for me its a no go because in uk the average speeds are 1mb up and share play wont even allow you to host with that!!

But i did play with a friend who also lives in uk and is in a virgin network area and so has fibre 5mb up and 30mb down and he hosted fifa 15 and kilzone shadow fall and kilzone allowed me to play online multi player over share play but it was way too laggy which is understandable.

Fifa also was a little laggy but more then playable but i could see allot of compression artefacts and picture was pixelated.
And for some reason we couldn't host or even play on share play when my friend was downloading the evolve alpha at the same time as trying to share play.

But later in the night after 12am when peak time had gone and our evolve alpha downloads had finished it worked again but again was laggy and had pixelation.

Then my friend who lives more then 100miles away came online but he has awesome internet with 60mn down and 10mb up and i swear it the share play when hosted by him shocked me!
We played drive club and it looks flawless and crisp with no pixelation and looked like a native 720p game! with no perceivable lag!!
And fifa too worked great, i was actually shocked how good drive club looked through share play.

Moral of the story is share play works GREAT and is real believe the hype! but the experience you have is massively dependant on the hosts internet quality! my pal with 10mb up and 60 down hosted the games almost like i was playing then locally!

People who keep banging on about it being only 720p 30fps are stupid! its to save bandwidth and even at that i fear most people will not be able to experience share play.
The average speed in uk is around 5mb down and 500kbps up so for most in uk at least it is worthless but nonetheless still a great feature to have.

I cant wait to be able to demo every game from the friends who have good enough internet to do it!
Haters shouldn't try to compare a remotely played game streaming at 720p 30fps with a xbox one game natively rendering at 720p!
And that's coming from a core gamer who owns all the platforms! see avatar for proof.

Share play works and works great, i think its a great advertisment for playstation now since Sony and gaikai servers in theory should have allot more upload bandwidth and so be able to give people a great stream.
Share playing with my friend has made me a believer that Sony playstation now actually does work.

sAVAge_bEaST1504d ago

Yes, it is super awesome.. I let my cousin play TLoU, for his first time last night.. He switched from a 360 to a Ps4. It was pretty awesome, watching his reaction, and being able to pass the controller, From the West Coast, to the Mid-West!

TheWackyMan1504d ago

I've tried shareplay with a friend overseas and it was laggy to say the least.

DigitalHope1504d ago

Makes sence since their TVs and playstation output a different Hz than our electronics in NA. Suprised Share Play wasnt region locked from the get go.

esemce1504d ago

No that not the case 99.9% of our games in Uk/europe run at 60Hz it's been that way since LCD Tv's.

It will be because of network lag.

gangsta_red1504d ago

Man, that really sucks. Especially for men and women in the service who might want to play with their friends or families.

I can see a lot of big name publishers and developers doing this or even opting out of this feature completely.

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