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David Lins writes: "When I sat down to play Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, I was filled with cautious optimism. Promotional material for the game showed, for the first time, a game based on Alien instead of one based on its sequels. It’s a horror game, through and through. No pulse rifles, no wisecracking marines—just a single engineer pitted against a single, terrifying threat."

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Deeke1502d ago

This game taught me how to be afraid in a video game again. If you can get into it, it'll reward you with terror and suspense unlike any other game before it.

But it takes a commitment, and persistence. If you have trouble getting into horror movies and can't immerse yourself in storylines for games, then you'll want to pass this up.

Should you be able to absorb yourself in the magic of fantasy, though, this experience will reunite you with a childhood horror. And it'll show you just how much fun being afraid can be.