Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Available 9:00PM PT at GameStop

In partnership with Activision, GameStop will now be selling you Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a bit earlier than they were before.

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PFFT1506d ago

Hell yeah man! CANT WAIT!

3-4-51506d ago

Can't wait to play this.

In a way this kind of feels a bit like COD4:MW in the jump from COD3 to that game.

This has a similar feel.

IRON883 1506d ago

should i get it for the ps4 or xbox one?

WeAreLegion1506d ago

That's 11:01 here in Illinois. Still on the fence with this one.

TheWackyMan1506d ago

Walmart is doing a trade in deal you should take a look at, might help you out. Only reason i'm picking this up is because of that trade in deal.

WeAreLegion1506d ago

Thanks! I might. Target is doing the buy 2 get 1 free deal this week, as well.

Chris_GTR11506d ago

target isnt doing that deal till 11-9 through 11-15

PsylentKiller1506d ago

I'm still on the fence, too, but the zombie mode is probably going to be the reason why I buy CoD once again. Hopefully, I can find the time to play it between Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, AC Unity, and all the other games I plan on getting in the next two months.

esemce1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

What's all this talk of Zombies? because I have the game and there is not zombie mode that I can see.

The first menu says :


Exo is just waves of humans unless zombies unlocks later.

OK so exo zombies does unlock later it seems.

WackoDaSniper1506d ago

Midnight eastern lol this isn't earlier gayyyyy

OculusRift1506d ago

YES IT IS! We EST PPL HAD TO WAIT TILL 2-3am to get the game. This is earlier. I won't be getting this in person. I'll be preloading.

StrawberryDiesel4201506d ago

It's Sunday into Monday at Midnight rather than Monday into Tuesday at Midnight genius. It is earlier, a day earlier in fact. Reading comprehension is a good thing...

TheJacksonRGN1506d ago

You seem to misunderstand, we were already getting it on a day earlier since it was the day zero edition. Which I and many assumed meant 12:01 am EST Monday morning.

Didn't realize we had to wait until 2-3 am originally, which is dumb.

Either way, he is expected it to release at that time, so. So for him it isn't earlier than expected.

AiirJordann231506d ago

It's Saturday to Sunday day zero hardtop having 2 release parties. I called and ask myself and that's what the guy told me, so saturday to Sunday then Sunday to Monday, 2 release parties

Edvin19841506d ago

Got my digital X1 version preloaded ready to play.

batman21x1506d ago

Same here bro!
Glad they changed the time on digital as well. 11:01pm for me!

Edvin19841506d ago

Oh cool. I thought for digital it would be 3:00am Eastern. Nice

HaleHankock1506d ago

This is the first COD I won't be purchasing. 3 years of multiplayer lag was enough to turn me away from the series.

quenomamen1506d ago

Oooh they going dedicated servers thus time ?

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The story is too old to be commented.