Let’s Play Evolve Big Alpha – Goliath Monster Gameplay Near Win

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "This particular video showcases a match where I played the Goliath monster against four other humans. I started out strong, using my knowledge of the game from PAX to eat animal life and evolve the monster, and I thought I had the humans in my clutches, but alas, they banded together and took me down with only a few millimeters of power cell health to spare."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1504d ago

Really digging playing as the monster over the humans.

FrogSpork1504d ago

The monster looks so bad ass, I can see Evolve being MASSIVE.

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

I'm really enjoying the alpha. It's been really balanced thus far.

gangsta_red1504d ago

As much as this game looks cool, I really wish we would have gotten a new L4D instead.

Feralkitsune1504d ago

Just so you know, this isnt a valve game....

LAWSON721504d ago

Just so you know these devs made L4D

Feralkitsune1504d ago

But they dont work for Valve anymore so how would they make a new L4D? So these guys working on their own has nothing to do with a L4D agt all. For all we know, L4D 3 is in dev already.

Plagasx1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Don't worry, L4D 3 will come as soon as HL3 does :)

Cobberwebb1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The only thing bothering me about this game is, I hope there is enough content. Just how many modes can you possibly have with the 4 v 1 model? Don't get me wrong, I want it to be great, I want to play it (and will be on the 31st), but it might get boring fast. Please prove me wrong.

Ashunderfire861504d ago

I am playing it on the X1 right now, and I wonder the same too. Its a good game, but I hope they add more monsters and more levels to justify $60 bucks. Right now I will give it a rental to be on the safe side, they just need to example if we are getting even more content on release day.

Draven12341504d ago

I think the games great too, but albeit somewhat repetitive, constantly just running around trying to find and kill the monster however, I'm sure there will be more variety come launch. I think it's a game that is very much rinse and repeat so, the replay value'll be fun and endless; It's a game I can see somebody enjoying for a couple weeks then maybe get bored, but then be able to sink their teeth right in a few days after.

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