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CCC Says: "Lords of the Fallen, the new action game from Deck 13 and Bandai Namco, is an interesting creation. On the surface, it looks a whole lot like a “Dark Souls” style game, a slow and plodding action game that relies heavily on well-timed blocks and dodges along with incredibly slow attacks that need to be used at opportune times. However, if you stick around and watch the game for a while, you’ll notice some key differences. Specifically, you’ll notice that you don’t die nearly as much. The game forgives you for button mashing more than Dark Souls would. The game also has a deeper focus on plot and no multiplayer elements. It’s then that you realize that Lords of the Fallen isn’t really just a Dark Souls clone, but is rather a marriage between the hardcore Dark Souls style of action gameplay, and then frantic button mashy gameplay we have come to expect from games like God of War. Even though the game stumbles at times, the strange fusion of gameplay styles works and creates a likeable, if not slightly forgettable experience for the action crowd."

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Joher1504d ago

I don't want compare LotF with DS because a lot of people do that so I don't do it. For me LotF have very nice difficult level and great combat style with awesome animation. In this game all od gear and weapom models have a lot of details which looks great in the game not only in trailers:)

Aminot1503d ago

Of course there are similarities between Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls, but it is a very good game in its own right. For example Dual wield feel is completely different than anything in DS, its fluid and very fast paced for a game of this type. I don't agree that you can button mash in LotF, you get punished a lot if you do that. There is even a mechanic that rewards you for well timed strikes with reduced stamina cost of those attacks.