Conservative feminist: ‘GamerGate is a voice for moderation in sex and gender debates’

An article about Femenist Christina Hoff Sommers latest youtube video on the “Factual Feminist” regarding #Gamergate critics.

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JohnathanACE1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Eww, I hate this website. Just a quick scroll through the comments I can see tons of ignorant hate for Gamergate from idiotic leftists.

Nonscpo1480d ago

What I find crazy are all the newstories that are either not submitted, failed to be approved, and rejected that just happen to be about GamerGate on N4G!

-Foxtrot1480d ago

Well I'm not surprised, remember when this was kicking off.

A mod deleted my article which was supporting GG and some others aswell.

It went back up but it's not the point.

UltimateMaster1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

The media is twisting the truth behind #GamerGate to make gamers look bad.

thorstein1480d ago

You had me until the weird "leftist" comment. What has that got to do with integrity in news media?

If you look at the US as an example, the more "rightist" media has the least integrity. I know republicans and conservatives that refuse to watch anything from Fox News.

I just find that comment to be really weird as I consider myself to be a leftist and a liberal (but in the more European sense) but I am in support of gamergate and I call out the trolls that are ruining the actual debate by calling gamers misogynists.

annoyedgamer1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Leftist USA encompasses this and I understand that Europe's left and right are different and thats ok.

Look at it like this MSNBC a left wing propoganda network here in the US and is fully in support of these feminists and all the others who support them are also leftists. Hence the resort to "homophobes, misogynists and racists" are the ones who disagree mantra.

Non_sequitur1480d ago

If you check out sites like or you will see how the media spins news stories to push the leftist agenda. There are over 1000 journalist who are determined to push leftist ideas in their stories check out:

JohnathanACE1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )


I know and it's a real shame that this is happening, I thought that N4G would be a great site for spreading awareness and news for gamersgate since it primarily community run but I guess some of the mods here want it silenced while other things just somehow get ignored.


Thats just wrong. Any mod that takes down a story without good reason to or for personal reason should lose their mod privileges.


No offence its just that if you didn't notice, most of the anti-Gamersgate are extremely left wing. I mean just look at this site, both it and its users are extremely anti-gamersgate and extremely liberal. Not to mention that many of the corrupt websites involved in gamersgate are liberal and along with the feminists they're both pushing liberal agendas.

Qrphe1480d ago

Ironically Hoff Sommers IS a liberal, but the Sarkeesian crowd is so left within this context she's a moderate by this point.

Stringerbell1480d ago

You mean in the classical sense right? She works with a liberatiran think tank, I wouldn't call her a progressive and she certainly doesent identify as one either.

thorstein1480d ago

I agree. There is nothing progressive about her.

ShaunCameron1480d ago

Progressive = collectivist.

Stringerbell1480d ago


Every society is a "collective" You're more than welcome to go be a totally free individualist, a true Objectivist, by yourself in a forest somewhere....that would be great...need a ride?

thorstein1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

@Shaun But that forest must be outside the confines of a country that uses public money to fund national defense, capiche?

Or are you one of those parrotsheeps that just echos what others say without any actual thought?

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49erWildCat1480d ago

GamerGate To Be Quite Honest Is Something That Shouldn't Even Exist I mean who cares? its just a game.

Activemessiah1480d ago

Not when corruption and shady behaviour is involved from these so-called "Journalists"... at this point, they're running things like a cult.

just-joe1479d ago

Video game journalism is consumer journalism where the impetus is to help the consumer decide whether to buy a product or not. When an journalist writes a favorable article about a game because they are in a relationship with the developer, they are essentially deceiving the consumer they are supposed to aid and for a billion dollar industry that surpasses the movies I would say a lot of people care. It's okay to not care, but to turn your nose to people who do is silly.

johny51480d ago

No it's not! It's a voice for corrupt journalism and corrupt business deals!

mochachino1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Despite what Sarkeesian says the majority of popular games these days aren't about saving the princess, they're more about saving the world. And as games largely revolve around killing things there needs to be a catalyst and a villain. Games are very different from movies, most are action fantasies. The basis of game is to live out hero fantasies in the most immersive way possible. The reason the protagonist is most often a young adult to middle aged white male with brown hair is because the majority of the market are young adult to middle aged white males with brown-ish hair.

The same feminist arguments could be applied to elderly people, minorities, homosexuals, and the disabled, etc. The black guy, if in a game, is always your buddy in a secondary role, old people are incapable of saving the world themselves, and the disabled are non-existent. I don't think devs are trying to be "ist" in anyway, but not many people trying to immerse themselves into a character would want to play as a disabled, elderly, asian female.

Right or wrong, it's the same reason they're no games about the special olympics, or all female sports games, etc. The market dictates whose fantasies to appeal to and because they're action oriented need the hero/villain trope. When appealing to men and eliciting male emotions, they alway use avenge/save the best friend or avenge/save the family to justify the killing. It's not equally representative of all members of society because the market isn't. Not saying that's right, just a financial reality. Funny how no one commends how many games are trying are trying to be as inclusive as possible without alienating the majority of the market.

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