The Order: 1886 Hands-On Preview – Beauty Under Siege (PSLS)

(PSLS): I’ve been wanting to play The Order: 1886 ever since it was announced at E3 2013; and at GameStart 2014, I finally got my chance. Ready at Dawn’s alternate history/science-fiction third-person shooter has always piqued my interest, especially when the studio mentioned Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, one of my favorite games of all time, as one of the influences for the game.

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qwerty6761504d ago

same demo.

nothing to see here

its about time to show something new.

ThinkThink1504d ago

I believe the brand new demo is going to be showcased at the december event. Hoping it puts some of the negativity that this game has been getting to rest.

otherZinc1504d ago

I hope they show Campaign Co-op with these characters. Co-op should work well.

Farmassy1504d ago

I think they have announced that this game will NOT have coop. Too bad because I agree that this game would be perfect for coop

ziggurcat1504d ago


nice try with the stealth concern troll, but you're not fooling anyone.

we all know that you have zero intention of ever buying/playing this game (because we know you don't have a PS4).

and it's been established a long time ago that there's no co-op or MP in this game.

dbjj120881504d ago

I hope development is progressing steadily. It sounds like an interesting concept, at the very least.

T3mpr1x1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Sony is under pressure to perform well with this game, what with the Driveclub debacle still going on, and weekly (or even more frequent) PSN outtages...

Thatguy-3101504d ago

Under pressure? PS4 is selling well hardware and software wise. Sony isn't feeling pressured what so ever. You know what's a great example of pressure? How about dropping the console price from 500$ to 350$ with two games in a matter of a year. That's pressure buddy.

ShowGun9011504d ago

please take the console war stuff somewhere else, sad thats all people like you have to talk about...

ShowGun9011504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

this game looks sick nasty awesome! cant wait, it'll hold me over till bloodborne for sure! gonna be an awesome few months!

Currently: Destiny and Samurai Warriors 4
November: Dragon Age
December: Guilty Gear Xrd
Feburary: The Order
April(?): Bloodborne!!! (cant remember the EXACT release)

Yahdaree1504d ago

Bloodborne is out in February as well. Along with The Witcher 3.... crazy month.

sovkhan1504d ago

Its PGW here in France and there is an incredible booth for The Order. I'll have my hands on the demo this week end and i'm most certain that it gonna be an incredible experience...

I'll share my thoughts with you and if allowed some gameplay and pics.