Online Gaming Too Hostile For Males Now [Satire]

Video Games Made Me Do It: "If you were to ask any male gamer just a few years back how safe they felt playing their favorite video games online they would probably have told you there were no problems at all. This has changed recently with some of them being pushed into a corner for just being who they are."

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masterfox1479d ago

I been harass so many times sexually on my games that makes go an cry like a little girl to a corner. We men deserve a gamermangate dammit!!!

Who is with me? :D

VGMMDI1479d ago

Aside from what I wrote that is the one reason why I don't follow Anita Sarkeesian in her crusade. I got the idea for this piece from a guy online who said over chat that he is tired of all these cunts complaining about wanting to be treated fair. I agree that women have it rough in the gaming world and they get a lot of crap over this whole thing, but men have a lot of stereotypes going against them as well. That is why I feel we should try to go for equality for all.