Far Cry 4's multiplayer modes detailed by Ubisoft

Neil writes "The 'Battles' of Kyrat' have been detailed by Ubisoft and all things point to seeing the Far Cry 4 world in a completely different light."

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scark921505d ago

I hope the editor comes back!

theshredded1505d ago

Much better than Far Cry 3

Palitera1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game, but these modes, they can have a different name, but they are literally demolition, domination and capture the flag.

Obviously, though, Ubisoft has to pretend they are something different.

1505d ago
spicelicka1505d ago

Every game does that, it's just to follow the theme of the game, death match in Cod, slayer in halo, warzone in gears of war, etc etc, all the same thing.

It would look a lot worse if they just copied the names from Cod.

Palitera1505d ago

It would look worse, but be the same.

Mulletino1504d ago

Ya there's a reason why they use the same modes.... It's what people like and it's what have survived numerous fps shooter games. Not saying they shouldn't try out their own modes but having those is almost a given.

RG_Dubz1505d ago

Looks even worse than Far Cry 3's multiplayer was, why make it an arcade FPS for these CoD kids..

If it weren't for Rainbow Six all we'd have is childish FPS games this Gen.