The Level Up Show is a Show by Gamers on PlayStation, You Should Watch It

Live from PlayStation has been a great platform for people who want to share and celebrate gaming with the masses and it’s given birth to quite a number of well-produced and polished works of programming. Thanks to The PlayRoom, an assortment of mini-games tailored for the PlayStation Camera, gamers have had the ability to broadcast live feeds from their own living room without much hassle.

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Stick891506d ago

Sony really made some good decisions with this. After all the rampant abuse that was going on using The Playroom as a streaming tool, they could've easily justified banning streaming while playing it. However they saw shows like The Spartan Show (I think that's what it was called), and The Level Up show and actually enhanced The Playroom to make these shows even better!

nosferatuzodd1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Exactly,Stick89 thats how I watch my reviews now I dont bother with those biast stealth fanbiys who claimed to be journalist
Giving games low score because they hate the publisher or the system its on

LoneWolf0191506d ago

Nah im ok, sat there for 30 mins to a hour and they talked no games. Im sure they do most other times but im good.

LevelUpMike1505d ago

I'm sorry you felt that way friend, although I'm not sure what you watched for that long then. We talk 98% gaming topics, if for no other reason than we have to to stream on Twitch. We'll occasionally talk a movie or play a trailer, but never for more than 5 minutes.We'd love to welcome you back and change your mind, maybe even join in the chat or Skype call us!

LoneWolf0191505d ago

Actually very pleased you would respond to this! Makes me want to go back and give you guys another chance :)

WeAreLegion1506d ago

Excellent job. I'd love to start something like this. Definitely going to start watching.