Guitar Hero is back Live crowd scenes set to deliver new level of realism

PSU Exclusive - extras currently recording live crowd scenes for next iteration in the Guitar Hero series.

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Roglog1505d ago

As much as people say that music games are dead, I still sometimes find myself yearning for another Rock Band or Guitar Hero game. I guess that's because I had so much fun with these games in my childhood. I didn't like how Rock Band decided to emphasize realism in their most recent game but I have to admit that Rocksmith really nailed it. It's an excellent way of learning how to play guitar. But I myself wouldn't mind strumming some plastic guitar for one more time!

16bitNutritionist1505d ago

In your childhood? So I guess your only around 10 now then? You have just made me feel extremely old haha.

Ripsta7th1505d ago

Same here and im barely on my 20s haha

Roglog1505d ago

No no! :) I'm actually turning 18 real soon! It's funny how the time goes by. It really feels like yesterday when my best friend and I were strumming that plastic guitar all day long. I remember when I got GH3 for my birthday. I played it for so long that my eyes were really hurting from watching all those notes go by and trying to hit all of 'em.

George Sears1505d ago

I think the music game genre was dead mainly because of its over saturation. Activision used to release a new Guitar Hero every freaking year and once there new sensation was taking strides (Call of Duty) they just had Neversoft concentrate on COD and let Gh die.

deafdani1505d ago

Harmonix (or better put, EA) was guilty of this as well. They didn't release as many games as Activision, but they still made a lot that also contributed to genre fatigue.

Hoffmann1505d ago

Still waiting for a new Dance Dance Revolution :(

CernaML1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Go to Japan.
Konami always seem to f*ck it up when releasing it in the states anyway like they do with every single one of their music games.

Deathnote1281505d ago

Rock band 4 all the way. Waiting for it.

scark921505d ago

Now for Tony Hawk to make a return!

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The story is too old to be commented.