Box art and screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Check out the box art, along with some screenshots, of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires.

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ShowGun9011503d ago

best couch co-op ever! been on board since DW3! woot!

OmegaShen1503d ago

Played the Japan demo, I want this game now. You can custom alot of things now, I made a horse with a long neck with small body and legs lol.

ShowGun9011503d ago

haha! thats awesome! playing samurai warriors 4 right now, loving it! the story mode is really great, but the other mode (where you wander japan and make friends with the different characters) is actually full of content and pretty fun too! i usually dont like these modes, so it was a pleasent suprise! cant wait for this either, heres hoping Hyrule Warriors gets some more people converted to the warriors series!

OmegaShen1503d ago

I like SW4, just mad that the yes or no on adding to you group doesn't matter if you pick no. They join anyways, that and it stopping in the middle of combat to do something else like kill set leader while doing the main goal.

It get's to chaotic.