Sony's Finally Fixed The DualShock 4

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'The DualShock 4 is widely regarded as one of the best controllers Sony has ever made, but until recently, I had no idea why.'

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madmonkey011503d ago

my rubber sticks wore through very quickly, within months of having the ps4, but i replaced them myself with some cool aluminium ones i got from ebay for £4 a set

oODEADPOOLOo1503d ago

Not sure why you get disagrees for stating your own experience with a known defect...


Had same issue, just ordered grips from amazon:

Foehammer1503d ago

Perhaps it's because ppl should not have to do this?

oODEADPOOLOo1503d ago

ok, but why fault the commenter?

Neonridr1503d ago

My black controller is still fine and I got my console like 4 days after launch. I have put quite a few hours into the controller, but I don't usually have marathon sessions..

I also bought a white dualshock when Destiny launched, so I am glad to hear that I shouldn't have any issues with that one.

theshonen88991503d ago

Had my PS4 since launch a bought a second controller recently. The second controller has less grippy sticks and I actually prefer the original. My originals have not worn down at all and I love the sticky grip.


Same here. Day one gamed a ton. Sticks is gooooooodd

SoapShoes1502d ago

My original controller from Feb is still fine but I recently got one of those urban camo controllers and the material is way different. I like both.

madmonkey011502d ago

mine were not used a lot at all, but still wore through, i think the problem was only a certain few, i bought my ps4 at launch, and bought my brothers at the same time, he has used his a lot more than i have but his controllers are still fine.

Neonridr1502d ago

yeah, there was definitely a bad batch for some. But the newer controllers definitely have a different feel to them.

ramiuk11503d ago

i bought 10 of these for £6 delivered

same as official ones.
i sent my day 1 pad to sony and thats come back and must of used the same rubber as launch because its started to wear down again.
ALthough the customer advisor(back in jan)told me it was a compound issue with the rubber they used and sony knew and had resolved,they clearly wasnt using it to replace pads sent in and just new ones.

swishersweets200311503d ago

I take my sticks out when they start peeling, and i dip into my stash of ps4 thumbsticks i ordered on ebay. you can get them fairly cheap in bulk and in other colors too.

Malice-Flare1503d ago

i had the same problem with DS3 sticks. but, it was down to the pressure i applied on them rather than the fault of the material. some people don't know their own strength when engaged...

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The story is too old to be commented.