Evolve Alpha: Thoughts Before Playing What Could Be The Best Game Of The 2015

IM PLAYIN give their thoughts on Evolve before playing the alpha.

"I’m one of the lucky people selected for the Evolve alpha on the Xbox One. I must admit, I wasn’t even planning on entering for a chance to play it, and I probably wouldn’t have were it not for a conveniently placed advert on the Xbox One dashboard. But, the advert was more than enough to tempt me in. Especially as, for me at least, Evolve seems to be the evolution (see what I did there) of the themes laid down by Left4Dead, one of my favourite games of all time. So now that I’ve been selected to play the alpha, I’m finding myself becoming increasingly excited to play this game."

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IrishSt0ner1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Suprised at how good this game actaully is, feels a bit slow but the jet pack more than makes up for it. I had a blast last night, looking forward to it now, the Alpha has me sold.

medman1510d ago

Evolve looks great, but the best of 2015? I don't think it has much chance at that at all.

JeffGUNZ1509d ago

I just don't get it. Got the alpha invite and played last night. The load screens are ETERNAL, it takes like 5+ minutes to go from one match to the next. The gameplay is subpar, an average shooter feel. The concept is cool, but after about 5 games it got SO repetitive that I was so tired of it. What a let down.

Saito1506d ago