Gamers have grown up but memories stay with them, says Iwata with “Same-Generation Hypothesis”

Since it’s release back in September 3rd Super Smash Bros 3DS has sold extremely well and gamers are currently clamouring for more information about the upcoming Wii U version. On top of this pre-orders for the upcoming Pokemon ORAS are going very well and in the Nintendo Financial Results Briefing, Iwata claimed this success is due in part to something he called “Same-Generation Hypothesis”.

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kalkano1424d ago

"So what’s your opinion on what Iwata has called the “Same-Generation Hypothesis”? Did you pre-order Pokemon ORAS or buy Super Smash Bros Melee because of nostalgia?"

Sorry, but this doesn't happen. People buy games because they like them, not because they liked them when they were kids.

I'm not even a fan of Smash or Pokemon; I just hate the misuse and over-exaggeration of "nostalgia".

Neonridr1424d ago

True, but the very reason you keep buying a Mario or Zelda game could be due to fond memories you have of the game as a kid.

I know each and every time I play a true Mario game, I am reminded of some key moments playing the earlier games. It is like taking a trip down memory lane.

The pure joy I feel when playing those types of games bring me back to being a kid again.

Hoffmann1424d ago

I bought the first Smash Bros. because it had characters of some of my favourite game series ever..not sure I thought about nostalgia at that time...