Interview with Team2Bit | Ghost Volta

Blaze of Ghost Volta: "n a world filled with mildly mediocre games, it’s refreshing to come across ONE game that makes you constantly ask yourself, “What will they think of next?” But when you come across MULTIPLE games from the same talented indie developer team, you might as well stop drilling because you’ve hit metaphorical gold. One developer team in particular that has created their own niche in the indie-sphere is Team2Bit. Makers of games such as Washington’s Wig for PC and Xbox, the ever popular Fist Puncher for OUYA, and now Reagan Gorbachev also for the OUYA platform, Team2Bit has built a solid foundation of wacky, yet creative indie cult hits that challenge even the most abstract brain. It was for this reason that we wanted to sit down for a bit and pick the brains of this dynamic duo. Check out our interview below!"

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