Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Enhanced Visuals Edition

FanBolt writes: "I hope no one see’s that title and thinks that there is some new special edition coming out for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. There’s not. That’s just my title for experiencing the game in a way that I hadn’t before, in a way that completely makes the game shine like new. Well, almost."

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hiredhelp1504d ago

It did look great we do need another bad company and yes i know it wasnt dice who made it but i want same devs making 3rd series.

RedDeadLB1504d ago

It was DICE who made it. DICE doesn't really care for it, though.

NarooN1503d ago

It's not that DICE doesn't care for it, it's that most of the guys who were behind Bad Company 1 & 2 have left the company since. The remaining guys admitted the main reason we haven't seen a new game is because those guys left and the remaining dudes have no idea how to make a new one without mucking it up, lol.

Crazyglues1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


It was DICE that made it, and it was the best battlefield they ever made..

That game was epic... they should have just remastered it and made it for PS4 - I would have bought that in a heartbeat.

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hiredhelp1503d ago

Well i just made a huge big poop face of myself your right.
I was thinking back to a interview I read when certain employee looks like mix wires from MOH and BF but yeh i want another bad company it was fun and funny.
Multiplayer was great wasnt too open you felt like you working as a team even if you didnt know who you playing with was well done.

spicelicka1503d ago

The graphics in general were great for that time. But it always bothered me that nothing was shiny enough, guns were dull, not many reflections. I don't know if it was the engine or the style the developers chose to go with, but I always like to see light bouncing off things, specially the gun, it makes the game look for alive.

windblowsagain1503d ago

Yep was nice looking with very nice fx.

I'd love to see a new Bad Company.

CorndogBurglar1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

"I hope no one see’s that title and thinks that there is some new special edition coming out for Battlefield: Bad Company 2"

Gee, I wonder why anyone would think that? Maybe its because the headline totally makes it sound that way?

Anyhow, Bad Company 2 was the best Battlefield of all time. I would love either a Bad Company 3 OR an enhanced version of the last one.

It was also the only online FPS that felt like literally everything was destructible. It didn't matter what building they were in, or if there was a capture point inside, you could drop it. I loved the sound the girders made as they were bending right before a building collapsed too. That game was so epic.

Plagasx1503d ago

Sighs...why did I look at this.

It only makes it more painful for me..I want BC3 soo badly...

ATi_Elite1503d ago

Too this day I have still yet to play the sp campaign as I jumped into my and was blown away.

Panama Canal was my favorite map and the Graphics were outstanding along with a considerable amount not of destruction that map would get turned into rubble very quickly if both teams were good.

Also loved the collapsed building kill as it took me forever to get one even after demolishing hundreds of buildings.

Somehow my victims would always manage to flee the building before collapse.

Honestly instead of that crap BF Hardline Bad Company 2.5 would have been better especially seeing how bf4 is gonna receive patches even after BF5 is released.

Bad Company 2 is my second favorite BF after BF2.

Heck re-release BF2 with all content but on the Bad Company 2 engine and I would pay $60 for that np.