Microsoft Investigating Xbox Owners for Fraudulently Refunding Destiny

After Bungie announced Destiny‘s upcoming The Dark Below DLC, many gamers became fed up with different points of the game - some Xbox gamers, however, don’t like the PlayStation-exclusive content. Some asked for refunds using bogus reasoning, which Microsoft initially fulfilled. Now, upon discovering that many lied about their refund’s true reason, Microsoft is investigating all users who wanted a refund on the basis that they committed fraud.


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Volkama1510d ago

Drama. I doubt anything will come of it.

donthate1510d ago

Yup, I think MS is just showing some muscle to prevent people from asking for refunds with illegitimate reason due to MS good will.

That said, let this be a warning to those considering Destiny that I and many others see it is a crap game, but you should rent it first to see if you like it!

famoussasjohn1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

They are banning people for fraudulently asking for refunds as a tutorial on getting a refund for DLC was posted online when chatting with representatives so you get a refund.

For the disagree -

This is for people who are trying to fraud the system and get a refund for something they bought and paid for and have already played.

sonarus1510d ago

I don't think Destiny is a crap game i just feel it waaaay under delivered on its initial promise. I felt the same way about the first assassins creed and that game went on to spawn a ridiculous amount of sequels

uptownsoul1510d ago

I agree, if you buy a game that you later think is garbage…Deal With It!!! That's how it always has worked since home console gaming started in the late '70's!!!

1nsomniac1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

If Bungie are allowed to lie to paying customers why can't custormers lie to return it. After all the law is in the favour of the consumer over the corporations. Apparently...

morganfell1510d ago

How did Bungie lie?

The game is exactly what the Alpha and the Beta showed it to be. Anyone that didn't play the Beta when you could get into it without buying the game deserves to be slapped for failing to take a free opportunity to research their future purchase.

Anyone that played the Beta, purchased the game, and now are complaining lacks the intellect to properly evaluate a game during the more than sufficient time allotted by the Beta. Either way, complainers need to go in the batroom, look at the immature person in the mirror, point at them and start laying blame.

BitbyDeath1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Punishment does not fit the crime.
You should never lose content you actually paid for, that sounds more fraudulent than conning out a refund for a game.

Obviously MS are accepting the excuse for it so they are also accountable in this.

BDSE1510d ago

Well if YOU think its a crap game I'll definitely take that on board..../sarcasm

Kingthrash3601510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Not that I disagree...because ive played the alpha and beta and ended up not buying the game. But I do remember bungie showing a whole landscape and stating you will be able to explore all of this...that, my friend was a lie.
I'm not saying its OK to do fraud because of this... its not OK at all. But bungie did indeed lie.

UltimateMaster1510d ago

If the claims are fraudulent, isn't it Microsoft job to make sure that it is a fraudulent claim before giving the refund in the first place?

The way they said it is that if they think you made a fraudulent claim then they threaten you by banning you from Xbox Live?

Well, it's a good thing I don't have to deal with that company.

Enigma_20991510d ago


You deserve to keep every crap game you ever buy. As far as refunds for games, if a customer thinks a product is worth it, they don't ask for refunds. The fault here isn't with the consumer...

user55757081510d ago

they should refund half of the $20 because the DLC is really just worth about $10. I would be pissed too if i paid $20

BootyBandit1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

For a crap game it sure takes up all of my free time. I play Destiny every single day since the day I bought it and don't see myself not playing it any time soon. It's the most I've played a game in years. I think it's fantastic and seriously can't get enough of it. My friends list has nearly tripled since Destiny released and not 1 person has dropped off from playing it regularly.

retro_1509d ago

In no way is Destiny a crap game. It's the one game I return to again and again and really enjoy.

remixx1161509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


actually your wrong, I played the beta amd thought the game was sufficient and enjoyable. Yet I am one of these "complainers" you speak of as I am not happy with the final product.

The beta did not at all foreshadow the incredibly shallow game it was destined to be (pun intended). The beta did not foreshadow dlc on the disc, it did not foreshadow a 6 hour story mode or the somewhat overpriced and clearly lacking dlc.

So no you deserved to be slapped for telling people that they do not have the right to complain about a product that I cleary lack luster and is has a large amount of content ON THE DISK that is inaccessible and is being sold to you later for an unfair price.

im sad to see that your one of the sheep that embrace the idea of being being screwed over.

remixx1161509d ago


actually your wrong, I played the beta amd tjought the game was sufficient and enjoyable. Yet I am one of these "complainers" you speak of as I am not happy with the final product.

The beta did not at all foreshadow the incredibly shallow game it was destined to be (pun intended). The beta did not foreshadow dlc on the disc, it did not foreshadow a 6 hour story mode or the somewhat overpriced and clearly lacking dlc.

So no you deserved to be slapped for telling people that they do not have the right to complain about a product that is cleary lack luster and is has a large amount of content ON THE DISK that is inaccessible and is being sold to you later for an unfair price.

im sad to see that your one of the sheep that embrace the idea of being being screwed over.

redwin1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I'm not getting the DLC because I feel like I'm getting 1/2 of the product that Sony is getting, for the same price. It's not like is a exclusive skin for ps4 owners or an extra DLC just available for ps4. It's 1/2 of what Sony is getting for the same price. If it was timed and I would get it in a month or two free so Sony getd it first, I would not have mind, but no, I'll feel like I've been taken advantage of .. No thanks!

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VforVideogames1510d ago

I haven't buy any digital games on ps4 but can I return it if I just didn't like it? I know I can do this on my XB0.

Hereiamhereibe21510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

No you cant. Can't on Xbox either...

IrishSt0ner1509d ago

In the UK all online sales (digital and physical) can be returned within 30 days, by law, doesn't matter which company it is there's no loophole. If they refuse you can report them to be prosecuted.

I buy all my stuff from the US store, cheaply, so not sure I'd get away with refunds.

Christopher1510d ago

If you've played the game for the last month, you don't get a refund. If you've owned it a few days and played only a little, give it to them if it's a good reason.

Seems pretty easy to settle.

As far as Kotaku and their sudden interest in "Anti exclusive content for multiplatform games," strange to see them pick up on this now instead of last generation. Wonder what their thoughts are on outright buying timed exclusivity of a whole game?

Findingcrybabies1510d ago

they chose to buy an XB1. Why they getting pissy now?

joab7771510d ago

Can xbox players please stop crying. Damn! Do u even remember what u got last gen. Last gen? How about Sunset Overdrive?

Gimme a break.

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jhoward5851510d ago

I don't know anything about MS return policy on x1 games.
My question is, can't MS do a quick investigation before refunding a game?

Volkama1510d ago

What kind of investigation? Someone says they want a refund, if they have a valid reason then MS give them a refund. There isn't really any way to prove that the given reason is false.

Here someone gave an invalid reason, and then tried the "look, all of my friends are doing it!" answer that is also not a valid reason. MS gave a stock answer that they'd investigate, but they won't. They can't tie Kotaku user accounts to XBox user accounts.

jhoward5851510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

If MS can ban x1 owners after they conduct an investigation than I don't see why they can't do the investigation before refunding gamers their money.

Besides, it could be a system technical issue for all we know. computer system in general aren't always reliable/consistence. Sometime they perform well and sometime they don't.In other words, they aren't 100% as far as reliability.

With that being said, MS could be banning x1 owners for no reason.

TotallyNotGlenn1510d ago

jhoward585, when a customer asks for a refund, that usually happens quickly. An investigation takes time--too much time for a good customer service system to handle. Most companies give the refund and if they see anything weird, try to tweak the system against problems for the future.

GregMicek1510d ago

Exactly, this is nothing in the end. Microsoft isn't going to pay someone to do any actual investigating. Just some MS customer service rep being a jerk and trying to scare people.

donthate1510d ago


This is MS good will towards their customers, because there is no policy towards providing a refund after a digital purchase has occurred.

The only investigation here is that a customer "claimed" after the return that they lied to get a refund. So you can't investigate something that has NOT happened yet.

That is fraud, and can be very serious.

However, how MS would enforce this is difficult and I doubt anything would come out of it other than deterring others asking for a refund.

The one that should burn on the stake is Bungie for treating their fans with a sh!t game, and have the gall to charge customers the same amount for less content on an equivalent platform!

MSBAUSTX1510d ago

@ donthate

I can see why Bungie thought they could do that to people. Ubisoft has been doing it like crazy to Wii U owners almost since launch and will keep the trend when they release Watchdogs for Wii U with No DLC at all. So why shouldnt Bungie think they couldnt release a product for the same price but with less features? -sarcasm

This is just another case of a company thinking that they can do whatever they want and we will take it because we have no choice. These people did commit fraud though. If you buy a platform and a game you dont get a refund unless something technical happens to it, not because you chose the wrong game and dont like it now.

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Anon19741510d ago

If they already refunded the game there should have been some oversight by the employees processing the refund. You can't go back and punish a user after they're already received a refund that your people put through.

donthate1510d ago

That is ridiculous!

The fraud doesn't get discovered until after the refund. So of course you can punish the user after the fact.

The real question is why are you and others protecting the people doing fraudulent activity based on a company's good will?

If you want a refund based on legitimate complaint that is fine, but if you just want a refund because you are done with the game, then that seems unfair to both MS and the Bungie. That is despite the fact that I do not like how Bungie treated their customers.

I would imagine your tune would be different if it was your mobile game being returned fraudulently.

Anon19741510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Personally, I don't care why users of my games want refunds. If they want a refund, I process a refund because it's better customer service than to fight them over why they want a refund.

I stick by my comments. If Microsoft employees processed a refund in the first place, the refund should stand. If Microsoft wants to turn around and change their policies on how they process refunds than that's something they're free to do moving forward, but it shouldn't apply retroactively. If they weren't refunding people's money for valid reasons in the first place than that's on them.

@gangsta_red. Wow. So I'm all for companies sticking by their policies and not changing them and retroactively penalizing customers...and that's somehow "anti-Microsoft"? You're unbelievable. Back, troll! Back under the bridge from whence ye came! Hi yah!

If any company processed refunds for a game, then decided suddenly they didn't like the reasons people gave for the refunds after the fact...I'd say that's tough. You shouldn't have put through the refunds in the first place then. I could care less about what company we're talking about.

gangsta_red1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

"The real question is why are you and others protecting the people doing fraudulent activity based on a company's good will?"

Because it's against MS, that is why darkride is protecting them. There is no excuse for this and the fact we have people arguing this is amazing.

Hey Darkride, you claim to be a don't think this is fraud and should be punished? No one should try and defend this.

CorndogBurglar1510d ago

"I could care less about what company we're talking about."

AHA! So you DO care about what company we're talking about!

Anon19741510d ago

@CorndogBurglar. Yes. I do care a bit, or else I wouldn't be discussing this, would I now? But I could care a little less. :)

UnwanteDreamz1510d ago

The expression is " I could not care less". I could care less is nonsense.

CorndogBurglar1510d ago

Lol. Just busting your balls, man.

Anon19741510d ago

@UnwanteDreamz. Thanks for that. If I'm ever writing a book report or something and I need a grammar check, I'll be sure to call.

Ra30301510d ago

"The real question is why are you and others protecting the people doing fraudulent activity based on a company's good will?"

To whoever said this first and then repeated it...

First off who said it was Fraudulent activity?...Microsoft? The person who published this story?
Saying something is "fraudulent activity" and proving that it is, is 2 very,very different things. This whole story seems true and if so Microsoft is setting itself up for some trouble down the road. If I was banned for this and they cried "Fraud" I would see them in court and I recommend anyone that was banned do the same.
Wow! Fraud, isn't that kinda what Microsoft did with the Xbox One and Kinect? They said "Xbox One can't work without Kinect". So people paid the $500 for it before they were given the option of a Xbox One working without the Kinect.
This is a very slippery slop for Microsoft it's difficult to believe they fell into this hole.

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shloobmm31510d ago

Well digital downloads have a strict no refund policy for obvious reasons

Sayburr1510d ago

When I couldn't play NBA2k14 over the Christmas holiday, I contacted Xbox Support. Told them the game did not work. Was told there is a refund policy that you can, with good reason, receive a refund for one game a year.


Which is garbage due to their unreliability... Sony offers only 1 good faith refund... I've had 4 due to their crappy system, but I had to go through hell to get the others... If your refund is going back to your wallet then that should be fine and unlimited especially if you've went through all their troubleshooting steps but it still won't resolve the issue... I'll be damned if I spend $60 for a broken game they can't even troubleshoot, and then only to be told no refunds & go post your problem on my the blog and pray to God that someone can help you... Not to mention their pathetic excuses for managers who cuss,hang up,mock you are isn't worth all that... I mean these people don't get reprimanded or anything...all I know is at my job if you acted that way you'd be fired instantaneously no questions... Don't go digital people...DO NOT GO DIGITAL!!!

ger23961510d ago

How would you even do that?

jhoward5851510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Well, as soon as the x1 owner calls xb live rep and ask for a refund, MS should tell x1 owners to allow them to do a quick investigation first before refunding x1 owners their money. a few days wait that is.

Besides, Why not do it the same way windows OS does it. Once the system detect an error it should be sent to MS's data base. This way they'll have some idea on what causing the issue and they can use that info to investigate. Again, computer aren't always reliable.So, doing an investigation is the only way to be sure.

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jackanderson19851510d ago

in all fairness they're committing acts of fraud, getting their profile banned should be the least of their concerns.

also not sure why they're moaning that PS got exclusive content... it was well advertised that PS was getting exclusive stuff it's not like it was the day of and bungie went "oh hey PS owners you get this, MS users tough tits"

DarkOcelet1510d ago

Yeah sure lets get ripped off by Bungie releasing a half game with locked is content and do nothing . That sounds real nice

GearSkiN1510d ago

I sold my copy on ps4, and I think it's dumb that xbox pays the same on season pass but they will miss another mission coz of exclusive deal, not fair.

WeaseL1510d ago

PS4 & XB owners get the same for the DLC the only difference is Sony giving the extra content away FREE to PS+ owners who buy the DLC.

cl19831510d ago

It's not bungie releasing half the game it's Activision. They control the contracts.

vallencer1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

They never advertised that parts of the expansion pass were being taken out. Most people know that playstation was getting exclusive stuff. The difference is they never advertised that it was stuff in the expansions that people will be paying for that was being taken out to only get a YEAR later. If it was a month I probably and honestly wouldn't care. A year though is excessive.

SCW19821510d ago

Rise of the tomb raider says hi.

SliceOfTruth8881510d ago

This ruins everything for people. Microsoft FINALLY gave more power to the reps you first come in contact with and now that power will be taken away because of all of these crybabies. You made a bad purchase deal with it just because you used your monthly allowance on it dont ruin it for everyone. So now if someone legit makes a mistake its going to be a hassle because now you will have to jump through hoops to get the refund. Another reason why the gaming community is just trash

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

This. Growing up I was always taught "buyer be ware". People impulse buy the DLC and are trying to return that now too. I mean come on, who the hell is actually BUYS something before they know what the product will ACTUALLY contain? Entitlement brother, it's ruining this world.

D3TH_D33LR1510d ago

I agree a hell of a lot of this has to do with expectations and entitlement.. But my buddy and I were just talking about what the ultimate culprit for how this game has not only gotten away with it already too by making a Destiny a success and profit within it's first week, but why people even feel entitled and expected differently from Bungie.


All they really have is hype and the all to known fact that the general population
a) doesn't pay attention to most internet sites like this and
b) have been all too complacent lately with purchasing day 1 DLC, preordering games and season passes without even knowing the details or their contents.

Being a videogame, the industry is able to claim their products as art. So it seems that they get to be the deciding factor in determining the price of their content. There is nobody regulating it so why not? /s.

Quite honestly, (maybe I'm old but goddamn I didn't think 25 is old) 70$ for the content I paid 70$ plus tax for in destiny, on top of the announced DLC content (which if not bough through season passes would cost 110$ without tax) sounds like what was originally planned for this game in the first place. What happened to Saturm that I was shown and told in trailers I could explore? What happened to that awesome shot of Jupiter we were shown? The social tower like area in the Reef? The story and sad excuse of grimoire explanation? (which seems to have been designed with idea of saving time and developer effort by offloading to a small team, potentially outsourced even, easy enough) why is there so little content, why does it take so long to get anything good? Why can't I get anything good in the Raid but this goddamn Chatterwhite? I've played many loot based games and to me it looks like it's down to the fact there just isn't enough base content to go around. So they justify the price point by rehashing it over one of the longest loot grinds I've experienced. Not to mention how the game is still very much a Beta based on the first weeks patch, and the major rehaul of the iron Banner (again another indicator of how Bungie was hyping massive and vastly different game than we expected)

Either way the point I was getting to was everyone bought the hype. They scaled back massively for expansions once they saw the preorders and respond and intrigue it had built but I'll be damned if they think that what they delivered on is worth it. And I feel sorry for the people who have bought these season passes right away and will continue to support this kind of business because they've been conditioned too and start the entitlement tropes about well if you can't afford it too bad. Well yeah I'm sorry to say I can't afford paying $100+ to experience what used to be full games. I will have to miss out on the multiplayer and play catch up a year down the road when it's complete edition comes out, given this trend contines.

D3TH_D33LR1510d ago

I for one hope it does not. I will trade destiny in and I hope many will do the same If they feel the same way I do, or feel that gaming has becoming an expensive money grab full of fake ideas, bull shots and false hype. It was startling to see this a couple years ago with games like cod offering elite. But COD was a at least 6 games deep by then and people had a much better idea of what to expect. Destiny is a brand new IP and ended up being the best launch of a new IP in history. Having seen the preorder numbers almost up to a year beforehand I'm willing to bet they took the opportunity of scaling back its content for DLC and updates because no one knew what to expect. Because no one regulates this industry, they got to determine that what you got is worth what you paid for and that they can claim design choices as the reasoning for such. That's even if you figure it out. Destiny showed a lot of what it was doing and some developers say they showed more than most. Everyone bought the hype train. It's all they need to make money on videogames it seems.

DJStotty1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

thats why i didnt buy the season pass on day 1 when offered to me at the till in GAME. Even though they said you can get it a few pounds cheaper. I held off and glad i did. I'm not paying 20.00 pound for 2 hours worth of content sorry but no. I will get the DLC when it is on sale/cheaper

Eonjay1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

While I think the whole matter is ridiculous, companies do have strict policies about returns. So, if you get a refund by giving a false reason, they may react. But I wonder exactly what false reasons people are using. I would make the case that I was uninformed about the content and purchased in error. That would be a legit reason right? No point in lying.

Then again, I always found buying DLC and season passes without exact knowledge of the content to be a bit misguided. I applauded DriveClub for giving a detailed breakdown of what to expect if nothing else.

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

Funny thing man, I always tell people to hold off on the season pass. You can get a season pass anytime, I mean Xbox is giving Titanfalls season pass half off now and all the content has been released. Wait till you see at least the first DLC then you can draw conclusions of how the content will be. I will get the Destiny DLC as I am hooked on this game and will be playing it for sometime. But for others, who get a lot of different games, this isn't worth it for them.

Bottom line, people need to stop impulse buying.

Volkama1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

DriveClub gave people forewarning of what to expect? Heh. Did they happen to mention when we can expect it to work properly? :)

Eonjay1510d ago

Well then you can make the case that people should always hold off from DLC. Not merely because unexpected situation can come up, but also because without playing a game, how would you know that you would be interested in DLC?

Volkama1510d ago

Ah I'm not really trying to make any particular point for or against DLC, I'm just poking a bit of fun at Driveclub. It's the fashionable thing to do.

I very nearly bought the stupid expensive edition of Destiny that included the first 2 DLC packs, and decided against it for the very reasons you say. Now I'm glad, as I have no plans to buy those content packs.