Exclusive interview with the creator of The XBOOK ONE, PLAYBOOK 4 and XBOOK DUE

MWEB GameZone interviews Eddie Zarick, the creator of the XBOOK ONE and PLAYBOOK 4. As part of the interview Zarick also talks about hbis latest invention, the XBOOK DUE. Yes, you guessed it, the Xbox 360 and XBox One combined into a console laptop.

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HanCilliers1359d ago

This guy is simply brilliant.

otherZinc1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Agreed! Brilliant.

This guy is John Carmacks long lost nephew.

lord zaid1359d ago

This guys need a hobby...!? Oh Wait!

SonZeRo1359d ago

Nice, this guy is good.

skulz71359d ago

Wow a PS4 / Xbone combo laptop. That would be epic haha best of both worlds

DesVader1359d ago

next exercise, the Xplaybook - combo PS4 + Xboxone :D

maniac761359d ago

can i getta psvita tv already with 27 in monitor lolz

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