Nintendo Download (10/30/14, North America)

Nintendo has announced the games/demos/sales out on the North American Nintendo digital platforms today.

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marloc_x1506d ago

Gonna consider the RE sales. Really liked Revelations,(got the misspelled pre-order with the holographic case too).

ZeekQuattro1506d ago

So many games I want. Kirby, Rock Zombie, Costume Quest 2 & Demon Crest. I'm even somewhat interested in Falling Skies. I'll get them all eventually. I'm playing Bayo 1/2 alot along with Hyrule Warriors. Good times.

jholden32491506d ago

Stealth Inc 2 baby! Yeah!

Now where's my DKC trilogy announcement for NA? Don't leave me hanging Nintendo... Don't leave me hanging.