MX vs. ATV: Supercross Review | The Game Scouts

Tin Salamunic: No flashy intros, no cutscenes, no announcers, just the thrill of the chase for pole position. MX vs. ATV Supercross doesn’t try to pretend that it’s something more grandiose. It’s a low-budget title and it shows right away. From its barren menus to the archaic visuals, Rainbow Studios’ racer makes little effort in awing gamers with its presentation. But who cares about aesthetic fluff if the gameplay shines. MX vs. ATV may not be the most attractive racer on the market, but its fun and rhythmical supercross gameplay, which is surprisingly hypnotizing at times, justifies the bargain asking price. The developers have done a solid job of keeping THQ’s franchise alive, even if it feels behind times. It’s an entertaining little distraction until a more polished next-gen entry becomes available.

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