Europeans see shooters as "evil", says Crytek developer.

Crytek executive Cevat Yerli has said that Europeans view first-person shooter games as "evil," according to Forbes.

The developer was cited in an article addressing the differences between American and European gamer habits.

According to the piece, Europeans prefer racing and 'soccer' games to blockbuster action, adventure and shooters.

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NO_PUDding3618d ago

Hmmm, sounds like a load of crap to me, maybe an excuse as to why something didn't sell great somewhere.

Sports games have always seemed redundant to me, and racign games are great admittedly, but only Gran Turismo will make me buy one.

coolfool3618d ago

I live in the UK and I would play an FPS over a 'soccer' game anytime. I don't really like soccer and the games never really play well IMHO.

Action adventure is probably one of my favourite genres behind JRPG's.

And I am also not really keen on casual games. So in short I pretty much disagree with everything he said.

I wonder what he based it on though? Must have been something.....

TheColbertinator3618d ago

I prefer mindless driving shooters like Twisted Metal.Guns and Cars!

jtucker783618d ago

Yeh coolfool, I'm UK too and I prefer shooters, but although UK is part of Europe I believe we have slightly different likes and dislikes to our mainland cousins.

Sharing our language with the US, I find we often have more in common. We watch US sitcoms, they watch The Office. We don't watch any EU TV so we don't pick up as much of their culture. Personally I love European culture, clothes, brands but a lot of UK residents don't and prefer US culture, which is understandable because a lot of the TV they watch has been produced in the US.
So to cut a long story short (and speaking for myself and the friends I have) we love shooting games!!

coolfool3618d ago

I prefer to think of it as we are letting them borrow it for an extended period under amicable terms. </joke>

But yeah, I would say that most of our ties with amerca are tv based which probably means we do share some of our likes with them.

However, the problem lies in the fact that releases, packages, bundles etc are region based so we will get what our European cousins generally want which, as you say, may somewhat differ to what we want.

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niall773618d ago

I think most of them are Dumb :D

and by most I mean everything released the last 2 years that isnt bioshock

Gorgon3618d ago

I guess you forgot STALKER.

Blaise3618d ago

"Crytek executive Cevat Yerli has said that Europeans view first-person shooter games as "evil," according to Forbes."

Only sentient beings are capable of being "evil"; I am not superstitious enough to believe that inanimate objects are are capable of malevolence.

Although I personally don't find shooters interesting, it is primarily because I don't care for First Person perspective. I consider this a matter of personal preference. I do not feel that I have any right to inflict my tastes on anyone else under the guise of moral evaluation.

RememberThe3573618d ago

They game up after they realized they weren't as bad ass a Americans :)

jtucker783618d ago

Tell that to James Bond ;-)

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