Five Reasons Why You'll Pick Up GTA V Again on PS4/Xbox One This November

Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 5 pretty late into the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console generation. Without the release date revealed for at the time, next generation consoles, it was tough deciding whether or not to pick up the game on the last generation consoles or wait for a release on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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nX1454d ago

Nah, not in November but probably later on. Before I would even consider it I have to see what exactly has changed, it's just a year ago that I bought the limited edition on PS3.

eezo1454d ago

the name "Rockstar Games" & "Grand Theft Auto" is enough for me to pick

RosweeSon1454d ago

Was gonna say the same. The first word of the article sold it for me... Rockstar! ;)

die_fiend1454d ago

3 reasons I won't:

1) ACU
2) Far Cry 4
3) Dragon Age Inquisition

scark921454d ago

They are good reasons, why play a game that you have played already and not too long ago when you can play new games..
GTA V can wait!

LackTrue4K1454d ago

I got a better list,

2: Far-Cry 4
3: And hours of me over stuffing this years thanksgiving turkey

bauer0071454d ago

Dragon age is the only one out of those 3 that will be any good...

brich2331454d ago

5 reasons why I wont
1-I played it already
2-Im Broke
3-I'll be broke
4-I'm poor
5-I'll be buying other games

GarrusVakarian1454d ago

Reasons 3 and 4 don't match up with reason 5.

Allsystemgamer1454d ago

It does. He can only afford a few games and doesn't want to spend that cash on something he already played when he can get something new.

Mr_Writer851454d ago

I don't need 5 reasons I have one.

1) It was fun, in fact it was so much fun I want to play it again on PS4.

Jaqen_Hghar1454d ago

and they greatly improved it and added a bunch of bonuses for people who had it on PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.