Youtube 60 Frames Per Second Videos - What does this mean for Gamers?

Youtube updates its playback with 60 frames per second output, but what does this mean for viewers and those uploading footage?

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MRMagoo1231480d ago

Not much from what I can tell, besides people watching will need a better connection to watch it.

Septic1479d ago

Didnt seem overly bandwith intensive to me at all.

Its a massive difference for me. For so long weve had 30fps on YT its weird now having 60fps. Now to find out what settings I need to have for my projects on Sony Vegas.

IvanCRO951480d ago

BUT, cinematic feel! :(

VenomUK1480d ago

It means that when games are in silky smooth 60fps (or near enough) like The Last of Us Remastered or Mario Kart Wii U, when you watch a video it can more accurately depict the motion and quality of the real game.

FriedGoat1479d ago

the PS4 and Xbox wont directly output 60FPS through the streaming app. The only way to export in 60FPS will be with a capture card.

I currently stream TLOU at 60FPS the same way.

uth111479d ago

I'll take cinematic over Soap Opera feel anyday

TheUberAsian1480d ago

60 Frames Per Second videos means for gamers that they can finally enjoy how smooth it is now, since some games seem to be in 60fps now a days

The93Sting1479d ago

sadly "some", not all games.. but.. DEH CINEMATIC FEEL!

_LarZen_1480d ago

It means developers spreading bullshit that 30fps is much better will have a even harder time.

Kumomeme1480d ago

i dont think they intially 'spreading bullshit'
it just some people had different opinion
for example at naughty dog,some devs really fond over 60fps gameplay of the last of us,and some other love it too,but more fond of 30fps
each of them had their own legit reason like motion blur and stuff,especially related to current gen console that need to sacrifice some stuff for this
the devs know more about these stuff

but dont be mistaken,for current gen console,to achieve higher framerate require sacrifice visual vs fps,the devs need to made right decision,lot of people quickly misunderstood of this

DIPSET1480d ago

have you played on 144hz yet? 60fps is hurting my eyes with its slowliness

dcj05241479d ago

Yeah man. 8K at 240FPS is where it's at.

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The story is too old to be commented.