Hideki Kamiya: Scalebound Don't Look To Bayonetta Or Metal Gear Rising

To feel like we truly wield the power of a fire-breathing sky lizard and eviscerate our enemies in epic air battles.

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scark921510d ago

I did not expect this to be honest, All of Platinum games have similarities, cannot wait to see what it is like!

Revengeance1510d ago

So something completely new huh? Looking forward to it.

Special-Agent-Milo1510d ago

So no extremely fast paced action packed boss battles with an awesome soundtrack?

NiteX1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I would bet the awesome soundtrack is still in. But, my guess is no fast paced action packed battles. Seems like it will be much slower paced than your average Platinum title.

hkgamer1510d ago

i wish this game wasnt exclusive.

OpieWinston1510d ago

“Monsters, dragons, large action [sequences], that is exactly what our key theme is for this game,”

I'm already pumped given the hinting at Co-op. And talent of Platinum games.

Am I the only one thinking Platinum is still keeping it skill based but slowing it down a bit to give it more of a God of War & Darksiders H&S feel?

The core feel is dragons.... Skyrim sold millions of units by advertising Dragons heavily... This may be a commercial hit. Lets see if it happens.

christocolus1510d ago

The part about bonding with your dragon sounds really cool. I cant wait for the gameplay reveal. Hopefully its going to be amazing.

MS actually has a good number of devs working with Platinum on this project. Can't even begin to imagine how good those dragons will look.