Always On And You've Already Accepted It

AUTOMATON asks: Is the constant connection for the players' benefit, or just another twist in the industry's best interests? Peter Martin answers.

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zeal0us1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Its a decent piece that shine light always online and acceptance.

Honestly there is no difference. In Destiny you have the choice of buying and accepting the always online requirement that comes with it or avoiding the title altogether. The same applied to the XB1 pre E3 a year ago. Seeing as no one was forcing you buy the console to begin with. The only true difference is one was a console and one is a game.

Regardless, despite gamers moaning and groaning about always-online a vast majority of them will still go buy the games that have them as a requirement. It's only a matter of time before always-online requirement become a standard in this industry. Truthfully it already has.

donthate1510d ago

As it stand, when PSN goes down for maintenaince, there is already a bunch of content you bought that you cannot access.

So a lot of people already bought it on the PS4. At least with the original Xbox One policy you could share your game with 10 people, gift or trade it away, and the buck stopped at 24-hour check-in, which is better than what is going on now with PSN/PS4.

It is quite ironic really!

CorndogBurglar1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

There's a big difference between a game and console though.

I'm fine with buying "always on" games, because if something happens to my internet connection, I can still play something else.

With the entire console being "always on", if something happens to the internet connection, you can't play ANYTHING.

Like tonight. PS4 is scheduled for maintenance. If I can't play Destiny, I'll just pop in Diablo 3. No harm no foul. I wouldn't be able to do that with a console thats always on. So there is a BIG difference between "always on" games and "always on" consoles.

Yetter1509d ago

Thats how I looked at it at the reveal last year. My 360 and PS3 have been 'always online' since the very first day I purchased them. MS was upfront with the restrictions and requirements and nobody was forced to buy their product. I personally feel like the XB1 would have been able to grow even more over the last year if they could habe executed their original vision

LackTrue4K1510d ago

well this kind of sucks!!! i have my day one ps4, and i plan to fill it with games in its hard drive (like GTA5) and take it to my house in mexico. and buy a new one to keep @ my house.

my problem is, I'm really limited to internet access down there....

Muzikguy1510d ago

I'm a bit surprised by that read. It actually was good! The author is right about all those games, they're mainly from Ubisoft and that does say something about the company. People know this. I'm not buying any of those games. I was thinking about Far Cry, but I'll just wait for the Witcher 3. As for those games being always online, I've got a good feeling that the sales are not going to be what the companies are hoping for. All this "always on" talk does nothing but benefit the company. They get to tell us when we can play our games by being online. They don't want to continue support? They'll just drop the game in favor of the new one, forcing you to upgrade or be left behind. When it gets that bad, gaming is dead IMO

troylazlow1509d ago

how fast we change our minds.

Joey_Leone1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

This is why i don't trust the cloud, sooner or later you won't even own these products anymore, remember when system link existed? They removed that and now they're trying to get rid of offline all together. Also, disconnect your PS4 and try looking at your trophies (Sony may have updated it to where you can now but at the time i couldn't), we sure do have dark times ahead of us because of ignorant gamers, just remember that you're (or your mother) paying for Internet and PSN monthly fees only to get nothing in return (PSN "Free" games are not yours).

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madmonkey011510d ago

difference is, we have a choice.

gangsta_red1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

What about for games that don't give you a choice? Games that require you to be always online, where's the choice then?

Aaaah ok, so you can always chose not to buy something if you don't like it and that's that.

Got it, sounds reasonable and easy enough...sort of like having a choice to not buy a console if it had always online.

vudu1510d ago

You can choose not to buy the game.

Kal-V31510d ago

The choice is to not buy the game if it bothers you that much. Plus, it's up to the developer to make "always on" games or not, not the console manufactures.

donthate1510d ago

That is hilarious!

The undertone is strong with this one! :D

DigitalHope1510d ago

A lot of people weren't buying the console.

Protip, thats why they changed it :)

shadowraiserx1509d ago

do not buy it ,vote with your wallet.I dint buy Destiny and never will.

madmonkey011509d ago

exactly, its your choice to play a game that's always online, just as it would be to buy console that's always online

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Yetter1509d ago

because someone was forcing you to buy an XB1 when they announced these policies last year?

user56695101509d ago

I wonder if both ps4 and xbone launchr with always online drm what would yall choose? Not to buy both and buy q wiiU yeah right. People woul act like its a good thing while still trying to find ways to downplay the other console. I doubt fanboys would go to the only console the seem to be more for the gamers. And yall do notice NOW when don't pay for ps+ and live you own half of your game that you already paid $60 for. Keep acting like console gamers are smart buyers and the have principles

Volkama1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

The don't just want you to be online so that they can datamine your activities. They want you online because then they can potentially sell you things. Having players connect is the internet age equivalent of having someone wandering around your shop. AND they can datamine.

mydyingparadiselost1510d ago

This also prevents people from going back and simply playing old games. Once servers are shut off for a game it's done if it's an always online title. I can go back and play anything on PS2 or SNES but with these games once the servers are shut off there is no game, no going back, buy the new stuff or GTFU.

LamerTamer1510d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

And yet people gobble up these online only games and also digital download games which will all suffer the same fate.

Deleted a game due to the HDD being full? Now if you want to go back and play a few years later you can't because they discontinued it on their servers. Basically with online/digital you own nothing, because they can and will discontinue it at any time making "your" whole game library useless. Every digital and online only game is basically an extended rental.

Even if you think you are going to beat the system by buying physical, they got you there too. Basically ALL games today ship incomplete, buggy and broken on disk (this is on purpose too) requiring you to go to the internet to get patches for the working version. When the patches are gone you are stuck with a downgraded version on disc forever. DriveFlub ships with no weather, The Evil Within, a single player game, is a low-res stuttery mess until you get the patch that upgrades the framerate and resolution, on and on.

These consoles are internet required systems no matter what they say. No one minds so they will keep up their practices. It is easy to stop this by voting with your wallet.

GamingSinceThe80s1510d ago

When my Net was out for 6 days I found out the hard way the games you get with PS Plus for PS4 have DRM and can't be played at all without it.My PS3 Plus games work fine without it though.MS told everyone they were going to do DRM and people including myself though a fit so they changed it.Sneaky Sony and their DRM,their just adding it without saying anything about it and getting away with it.If my plus is paid up my PS4 shouldn't have to be online to play those games just like my PS3,end of story!

Mega241510d ago

Weird, mines work even without internet. Always online is going to happen whether we want it or not. Soon everything will be connected, even your toilet. That's part of the future, a future where we must give up our basic freedom.

The Question is, are you ok with making your privacy public?

ziggurcat1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )


i'm pretty sure you're lying.

JEECE1510d ago

He/She might not have his/her PS4 activated as a primary system for his/her PSN account. You can only play PS+ games offline if they are downloaded to your primary system. The sad thing is, sometimes people will intentionally decline to designate their PS4 as their primary one, download games, disconnect from the internet, then take pictures of the error message that comes up when they try to play their PS+ games while offline, in a trolling attempt to "prove" the PS4 has secret DRM. I don't know if GamingSinceThe80s is one of these trolls or just does not understand how to designate a PS4 as a primary system.

TKCMuzzer1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Did you just make that up for your own benefit. I'm sitting here, my PS4 not connected to the internet and guess what? A PS+ game is running fine.
Do you want to get your coat on the way out?

MeliMel1510d ago

Yeah double dose of weird because all my PS+ PS4 games work offline as well.

rainslacker1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Only way that would happen is if your PS+ subscription ran out during your internet outage. Go to any PS+ game and you will see when it expires. That date is always the day that PS+ expires on your console.

I've been without the internet for a week before, and played my PS+ games just fine. More often than not, my Vita never connects to the internet, yet I can play PS+ games fine on there.

My conclusion from my personal experience...your just lying about your own.

Little known fact...did you know you can play your PS4 without ever once connecting to the internet? If that's the case, then where is all this covert DRM you speak of?

MeliMel1510d ago

Sony left it up to the developers if they wanted to do drm or not.
PS+ games work fine offline and truly makes me wonder if you even have a PS4.

You want sneaky, look at Take Two..2K ruined NBA2K15 with bs drm. You pay $64 for half a game because you need internet for everything.

OrangePowerz1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I was without internet for a week and all non online games worked for me without issues.

CorndogBurglar1510d ago

I imagine it would be hard to play PS+ games on an imaginary PS4 that isn't hooked up to the internet.

JEECE1510d ago

I am including a link explaining how you can designate your PS4 as your primary system. In the off chance that you are actually having this issue and not just trolling, this should help:

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OrangePowerz1510d ago

Online games require an online comnection to play obviously. That's not really comparable to the X1 situation.

Yetter1509d ago

What about Evil Within? Its a singleplayer game but if you don't download the day one patch you are stuck with a game with lower resolution and about 18fps throughout. Apparently its bad enough that it effects your aiming.

Single offline game that absolutely required the internet

Tempest3171509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Call me crazy, but needing an internet connection to download a patch, is not even remotely close to always on

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