Nvidia preparing 8GB variants of Maxwell GTX 980 – targeting the 4K Gaming Standard

Nvidia is prepping 8GB variants of the Maxwell GTX 980 Flagship. These beasts will enable gaming at insane resolutions including the golden 4K Standard.

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MicDude1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

8GB of VRAM doesn't mean much if you don't have the horsepower to back it up. The performance delta between a 780 and a 980 is negligible at best. The 980 clearly wins but not by a whole bunch. You will still need some performance boost if you want decent framerates

ATi_Elite1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Very true but I see the performance boost coming in the form that the 8gb gtx980 will be a Ti version to make sure that the gtx980 is faster than AMD next flagship gpu.

Also even though he gtx780ti was the fastest single gpu the AMD R9 290x performed better than the 780ti at 4k resolution.

384 bus versus 512 bus is a factor at 4k so Nvidia is looking to get the 4k performance crown back with the Gtx980ti 8gb edition.