Gamers Sphere l Lords of The Fallen First Impressions (Xbox One)

Lords has a lot going for it. Its combat is solid, the armor sets and weapons are imaginative and fun to experiment with, and the risk/reward systems with the XP are nice. However, facial animations are stiff and the dialogue is flat.

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danowat1423d ago

It runs like crap on my xbox one.

JohnHeatz1423d ago

I have heard some complaints about the game on consoles, actually...I haven't had a single issue with it, running it on ultra settings (not even what PC Gamer claimed about the game crashing for them)

TheButtonMasher1423d ago

Yeah, I notice some frame rate drops and camera issues now and then.

Meltic1423d ago

the cutscenes and the dialogue feels so cheap and bad.. they could have done it a Little more better. Like ryse animation ?... its only next gen game and they couldn't handle that. Well the gameplay is good.

ziggurcat1423d ago

i'm still on the fence on this one - i bought it, and have played a little, but something seems a little "off" about it to me.

it's like it's trying to be like a souls game, but it's missing a lot of the spirit that the souls games possess.

JohnHeatz1423d ago

Anyone and everyone who see this game as a Souls game will feel the same way, but this isn't even trying to be one

ziggurcat1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

it shares a lot of the same mechanics as the souls games - they've even included a similar soul recovery mechanic...

edit: there's even a trophy for dying for the first time...

King_of_Nothing1423d ago

The game is fun, but I notice frame rate drops on my PS4. It also feels a bit sluggish at times.

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