Resident Evil HD second trailer

Capcom has released the second official trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil high-definition remaster.

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madmonkey011507d ago

looks tasty just hope it compares favorably to the current survival horror craze atm.

bez871507d ago

Looks awful I mean seriously it just looks like the Gamecube Version, not being funny but we have moved on from that type of horror, I don't see this saving them, they would of been better putting all there developers on a Reboot of the Series, this is by all means a cash in on a once great horror game.

ThatEnglishDude1507d ago

A good game is always a good game. Just because it's old doesn't mean people won't find enjoyment in it.

When you say "moved on from that type of horror" all you're talking about is viewing perspective and controls. Everything else about it (the theme, setting, etc) is all very much still relevant.

pasta_spice1507d ago

I think a lot of people forget that non HD games look really unfocused and pixelated on HD TVs. This game might not have had much of an upgrade from the Gamecube version, but I will just be happy to be able to play it on my HD TV without getting eye strain.

Zichu1507d ago

This could be a step in the right direction for them, in terms of going back to how survival horror was. They basically used the RE name to turn it into an action packed third person shooter.

Just look at the sales for RE6 compared to RE5. If that doesn't say something about the direction they are taking, I don't know what else to say about it.

RE4 was quite enjoyable, they incorporated that same scary feeling, being on your own, until you had to escort someone which just added more tension to the game. I played the demo of RE5 and didn't like it, felt less scary knowing I had a partner. I played the demo of RE6 and it just wasn't RE at all. I wasn't scared, I actually felt safe knowing I had other soldiers with me to protect me and knowing I could just keep picking ammo up from enemies.

Date_Um_Sage1507d ago

You forget, people started to get sick and tired of the old resident evil setup, so 4 was a breath of fresh air.

So the HD Remake could swing either way.
Hopefully gamers will put down dudebro shooter 500 to play this great game.

Inception1507d ago

Looks good to me and it quite different compare to the muddy GC version

"I don't see this saving them, they would of been better putting all there developers on a Reboot of the Series"

Reboot the series and change the story and iconic characters? Yeah right. I bet people like you still complaint too. "Grrr why this is sooo different compare to the original series?! capcom bring back the original series you dumb!", "Why Chris, Leon, Jill, Claire looks different?! I love the original one. Capcom they're dumb shit!" etc etc.

"this is by all means a cash in on a once great horror game"

If you think this is a cash in than don't buy it. Seriously, why people like you always thinks negative?

Personally i think this is good for people who never play Resident Evil. And if this remaster can gain a lot of new fans than there's a possibility RE 7 will be back to the original roots. It also good for old fans who never play it because they don't have GC / Wii.

Venox20081507d ago

I hope we gonna see Re: 0 remaster too .. and maybe even code veronica

Inception1507d ago

Also RE 2 & 3 remake in the style of RE 1 remake.

UnwanteDreamz1507d ago

Who is we? You got a mouse in your pocket? I hate when individuals have such huge egos they think they speak for everyone.

Revengeance1507d ago

You really think they were counting on this ONE game to save them?

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ManiacMansion1507d ago

DAY 1 for me!! had so much fun with it on my PS1 :)

1507d ago
Edvin19841507d ago

This is will be a nice digital buy for me I wonder what they will price the game at? I will bite if its $29.99 any more then that I got other games to buy. Really excited for this one.

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