Assassin's Creed: Unity Is Already Out In The Wild, PS4 User Leaks Footage From Final Version

Assassin's Creed: Unity officially releases in two weeks, however the PS4 version is already out in the wild. It seems that retailers are already breaking the game's street date, and that some lucky owners are already playing this new Assassin's Creed title.

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BigBosss1504d ago

Will give this game a go, looks pretty good! I know, I know...there has been the whole controversies regarding 900p and all.

ironfist921504d ago

Its only a controversy if you want it to be. I couldnt care less personally about 1080p/900p

TheWackyMan1504d ago

People are just making it a way biggger deal than it actually is. It's a little annoying, but nothing to go berserk over.

Eonjay1504d ago

I respect both views as valid and having merit. People absolutely have the right to be upset and the also have the right not to care. Neither can claim a moral high ground over the other.

Bansai1504d ago

Why characters don't have any shadows ? Even when light is obviously shining on them...

wtf xD

GribbleGrunger1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Why are people missing the point over and over again? It's NOT about resolution, it's about one console getting gimped because of a weaker console. The resolution is simply a gauge of that difference and always has been. It's the XBOX camp that decided to change the argument to 'you can't see the difference'.

TheWackyMan1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

GrubbleDrunger, we get it. We know what the issue is, please stop acting like we don't know cause we do. It just seems to me like a lot of you are getting upset cause you can't sit there and gloat about how amazingly powerful your PS4 is because it has a slightly higher resolution.

Playstation fans were doing the exact same thing last gen "It's not a big deal" "you can't see the difference" "it doesn't actually matter!!!" please stop acting like it hasn't happen in the past. In fact multiplats last gen had much bigger differences than current gen. Can we all just agree that resolution doesn't make or break the game at all so can get on with our lives?

I don't even own an Xbox One, I mainly play on PS4 and PC, so don't even try to pin anything on me.

GribbleGrunger1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


I don't give a damn about what other Sony fans say or what XB1 fans say. I don't give a damn whether some people can't tell the difference between the resolutions. I don't give a damn about bragging rights. I don't give a damn about whether it makes a 'game' better or not. All I care about is that developers make the most of what THEY were INVITED to help BUILD. I'm sure Sony will have been reminding publishers/developers of that

starchild1504d ago


The shadows are there in the beginning when he walks through the sun coming through the window. The rest of the time he is inside and in the shadow of the roof and there are no local lights such as candles or lamps so it's correct for there not to be any distinct shadows.

We have seen plenty of other footage where hundreds of shadows are being cast in a single scene.

fallacious1504d ago

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

hay1504d ago

"Dat" moment when the child in cutscene runs like a child, and during gameplay like every assassin in the series we have ever seen, which we have been bored of the overacted animation since AC2. It bestows significant pain upon my reticular formation.

How about pass.

* runs off into the wild with the same overacted AC animation despite having different body structure *

Why o why1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

No wacky, the differences were not bigger last gen.. there were no games almost double the resolution last gen so the 'cant see the difference' makes me wonder how those same guys noticed smaller differences last gen.....(see LoT or DF comparisons.)

At least get it right. People are more pissed their console isn't being used to its full potential because of the devs unwillingness to deal with the back n forth...... you say you get it but you obviously don't get the same thing or maybe you do get it but don't care and thats fair enough but please, lets not act like those voicing their displeasure dont have a case when theres tons of evidence to show they hit that sweet spot for consoles irrespective of the comment the dev naively made

nix1504d ago


we are in next generation. "next generation". if we are to get the same resolution then why the hell are we even buying the consoles for?

it's that simple.

Dlacy13g1504d ago

There is an assumption that making versions in parity will by its nature make one version (ps4) less of what it "could" be. That very well could be. However this game is and always was going to be multi platform. So perhaps parity has allowed the dev to focus less on trying to tune to the specific hardware and instead focus more on adding and developing the overall game? I am sure there are some trade offs to be gained by not having to focus on pushing one or the other platform. Hopefully AC Unity will be a more polished and bug free game for it.

Saigon1504d ago

Sad to say, I wanted this game before all of the controversy but later changed my mind because I didn't like how the devs responded to the issue. If they stated that this was our resolution because this is what we want, I would have still picked up the game. But because they want to avoid controversy, which caused a huge stir anyway, is not justified in my opinion. To me that statement was arrogant. They pretty much said to us, "we made the decision because we wanted to and we didn't want you to argue about it at the same time". What gives them the right to say that.

Look gamers are passionate. They want the best bang for their buck. They are going to be passionate, when they don't get what they want. To me that just shows true gamership.

For this game, I will be doing the talking with my wallet and not purchase it. Do I blame this on gamers, no, I blame it on Ubi the developer.

BTW, The game does look good, but still I will not be purchasing this game.

gangsta_red1504d ago


"'s about one console getting gimped because of a weaker console."

"It's the XBOX camp that decided to change the argument to 'you can't see the difference'."

Hilarious, the Sony camp refuses to believe that their system just couldn't handle what this game was set out to do. So in true Sony fan fashion they have to blame the other console.

It's Final Fantasy 13 all over again. Numerous reports have come out from Ubi about why the PS4 version is in 900p. But you refuse to believe it as you just stick to what one person who wasn't an engineer said. You take that and run with it while closing your eyes and ears at other explanations.

I mean lets not even look at Infamous SS that doesn't even have half the features, multiplayer and NPC's AC:Unity does just to achieve 1080p, Driveclub doesn't have nearly the amount of cars and is at 30fps just to achieve 1080p and you guys are blaming Xbox One and Ubi for not taking full advantage of the PS4?

Your own 1st party devs havn't done it, and yet you want THIRD PARTY devs to do this?!?

It's just more crying and moaning from the Sony camp as they try to elevate non issues. If you were more vocal about other issues maybe you would get better gameplay in games, a stable online and maybe the promised DC PS+ edition. But no, you would rather worry about what the resolution is for a multiplat game on PS4 compared to the Xbox One.

DAS6921503d ago

I have a 60" tv... THE RESOLUTION MATTERS. And like everyone before me has said, it's the principle. Make the game to the best of your ability on EVERY platform. You give PC extra optimizations and features graphically. DO THE SAME FOR CONSOLES AND STOP SELLING OUT. And don't even get me started on the Watch Dogs fiasco. That bunch of lying BASTARDS, even gimped the PC version! Thank the lord for hackers!

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ramiuk11504d ago

graphics look great and gameplay look smooth.
just hope its ok on my projector as resolution affects at 106"

Future_20151504d ago

gameplay looks smooth hahaha nice 1

chaldo1504d ago


Fail troll haha nice 1

MasterCornholio1504d ago

I'm more worried about the rumors about the framerate than anything else.

Raider691504d ago

Better wait for DF analisis on the framerate before buying this game..just my call!

AgentSmithPS41504d ago

Lol look closely at the jpg next to the story title, the 'blue guy' representing the PS4 is down and bleeding after Ubi sent the parity-monster after him. The guy in green appears to be handing a bar of gold to the other man as payment for the cowardly attack.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Look. If your girlfriend and another guys girlfriend have the same size set of pretty tiddies, but one of the ladies tiddies werent as blemished or whatever, would another man be jealous? Would you love the tiddies you loved any less? Dont forget you chose those puppies for the long haul. Would you cry like a baby endlessly? Over the slighest i mean slight difference .This is the real question. Gawd stfu already

jhoward5851504d ago

Man, some of you guys take this res sh*t so seriously.
No one gives a dam about game play anymore. shame.

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ironfist921504d ago

Looks great! Cant wait to pick up my copy. Its a shame so many games are being leaked tho.

Redrum0591504d ago

I'm loving the lighting in this game, still holding off on this game , I am buying it, just not day 1.
Maybe day 6 or 7.
Or month 6 or 7 lol

Sly-Lupin1504d ago

I thought the whole point of the current hardware generation was to finally be able for console games to handle 1080p/60FPS.

Instead we've got the same sub-1080p 30fps games we were saddled with in the last generation. If the PS3 can do 1080p games and the 3DS can do 60fps, there's no reason for ANY AAA-level PS4/XB3 game to be incapable of the same.

It's just lazy development: God forbid they sacrifice a little bit on texture quality or lighting/particle effects or ****ing Ragdolls.

starchild1504d ago

Of course they could do 60fps and 1080p, and they could have done it last generation as well, it's just that consoles have fixed specs and devs very often would rather spend that rendering budget on things other than resolution.

Even though I do enjoy higher resolutions in my PC games, I definitely don't think it is the most important thing. I'm glad devs aren't being pressured into prioritizing resolution on consoles. It's very often not the best choice.

IWentBrokeForGaming1504d ago

You don't buy a lambo for it to drive like a civic si...

baodeus1504d ago

But what u bought is a civic, not a Lambo.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Let's see which one hits the dealer first for repair;)

ginsunuva1504d ago

Many things can output 1080/60fps if the content itself doesn't take up enough processing power.

I can render a blue screen at 4k/120fps if you want right now.

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