Take-Two Won't Rule Out GTA HD Collection, Explains GTA 5 PC Delay

"We've seen multiple re-releases of the Grand Theft Auto games over the years (see this month's HD re-release of San Andreas on Xbox 360), but the franchise has never gotten a full re-master along the lines of the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection. With the increasing popularity of the Xbox One and PS4, is it possible we could revisit Liberty City and Vice City on current-gen? That possibility isn't completely off the table--Take-Two CEO, the parent company behind Rockstar and 2K games says that he "wouldn't rule anything out," with regard to a possible GTA collection."

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-Foxtrot1510d ago

Well most of them have already had some tune up versions released on the iPad as part of the 10th anniversary of the games. Something which I thought was a p*** take since they should of been on consoles from the start.

So most of the work is already know that is if it's just a simple HD upgrade, not a full on remaster

MrSwankSinatra1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

if they were going to do an HD collection, then they better do it right. Don't just port the stupid mobile versions, with it missing key things. For instance the mobile versions don't even have all the music tracks that PS2 or Xbox versions did.

KwietStorm1510d ago

Music has more to do with licenses than anything else.

blind-reaper1510d ago

What I would really like is an expansion of Liberty City (or Vice City) into the GTA Online universe.

zsquaresoff1510d ago

They should release Bully for next gen console. Hell, even Red Dead Redemption.

Eldyraen1510d ago

I'd take Red Dead Redemption over any other personally.

I really want to see a new Red Dead built on new consoles/PC though.

scark921510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I seriously.. seriously hope they make a new Bully game, I would preorder it instantly!

spicelicka1510d ago

Why is not ruling something out news. Nobody would announce to rule something out, somebody asked them a question and they gave a neutral response.

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