Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Leave Xbox Entertainment Studios Amid Mass Microsoft Layoffs

Xbox Entertainment Studios is officially no more.

The last staffers of the production entity headed by Nancy Tellem were let go Wednesday as part of the broader layoffs of 3,000 people at the software giant.

Tellem and her top lieutenant Jordan Levin had been trying to salvage some of the projects that they’d been developing under the Xbox Studios banner by bringing them to a new studio. But the pair had initially expected to stay through year’s end at Microsoft, which would have given them more time to sort through the thicket of rights issues involved in relocating the scripted and nonscripted projects.

Now, rights in some cases are reverting back to the creators, and Tellem and Levin are officially free agents.

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qwerty6761505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

so what does this mean for the halo tv show planned for next year

kinda worried we haven't really heard anything new about it for awhile.

francisjairam161505d ago

They say its not going to be affected.

Army_of_Darkness1504d ago

Depends on how well they sell after the temporary price drop, which is probably the leading cause to this mass layoff. Sacrifices must be made during these desperate times.

OpieWinston1505d ago

Already stated it's being pushed forward.

That's why they'll push forward with the Showtime deal to help get studio connections to keep the show alive on both platforms.

Eonjay1505d ago

From my understanding a few months ago, Microsoft went to an advertising event to attract ads with their content. The week or two after, they shut down the studio. Halo was saved by scoring a deal with Showtime, which allowed them to circumvent advertisers.

ThanatosDMC1505d ago

I'm just hoping I wont need an Xbone to watch it. I'm looking forward to the show.

gatormatt801504d ago

You won't... It'll be on Showtime as well. Also, like all shows, it'll be pirated on torrents.

I'm personally looking forward to the show as well. I like the idea that's it's being backed by premium cable company Showtime, which in essence is CBS. And since it's going to be on Showtime I hope that it will have mature content.

DJStotty1504d ago

The layoffs are a result of microsoft closing xbox entertainment studios. this is old news and was announced round about e3 time i think? Halo tv series is not affected but a lot of projects that were in the pipeline will not see the light of day sadly

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Dlacy13g1505d ago

We already knew this was coming when they announced they would kill it earlier this year.

AngelicIceDiamond1505d ago

This pretty disappointing and huge waste of money, time and resources considering MS has been touting something like this at least 1 to 2 years before the X1 launched.

What they need to do is turn this studio into a games studio if they wanna continue there game focused road map.

AngelicIceDiamond1505d ago

@Disagrees? Been getting a whole lot of that lately anyone care to explain what I said that was wrong?

LogicStomper1505d ago

Because you hurt my feelings.

Why o why1505d ago

.....maybe because you typed 'there' instead of 'their', Who knows.

Ms knows uturns this gen....some have been very beneficial. Triming the fat and pumping more games as a result isn't a bad thing.

Rebel_Scum1505d ago

idk man but don't get hung up on it. Its a stupid system to begin with and doesn't help or add to discussion.

Needless to say I do agree with you on what you said. I just don't click those two stupid buttons.

DJStotty1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

This studio was for tvshows/short film purposes only. Microsoft have a whole bunch of other studios for creating games and new ip. that is why i disagreed :) If anything they need to set up a brand new game studio with fresh developers as i guess most of the people employed by this studio are experts in the entertainment/film/tvshows sector (even though games are a form of entertainment)

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tdogg060519911505d ago

Fun fact about N4G negative comments are disliked. Try saying this: "I hope that money goes towards awesome games." Idk why it works but it works.

donthate1504d ago

To be fair, MS would have likely steered towards this direction if people weren't so against it. Instead all we heard was complaint about MS focus on Kinect, and all around entertainment so the console got reverted back to a slightly improved last generation console.

I'm hoping MS doesn't kill all ambition for the Xbox just to focus on "gaming".

Eonjay1505d ago

Does anyone remember Quantum Break's debut at the Xbox reveal. Are there still plans to have the Live Action story blocks?

If I remember correctly, actions in the game would change how the Live Action played out.

choujij1505d ago

Shortly after announcing the closure of the entertainment studios, they announced that Quantum Break wouldn't be affected by this. Don't know if that's still true though.

Eonjay1505d ago

Okay thanks. I wanted to see who the would cast as protag and antag. Although I think that the voice actors are most likely it the same as the Live Actors.

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