60 Minute Access: Halo: The Master Chief Collection Part 1

"Welcome to a special early preview of Halo: The Master Chief collection. We started by taking a look at Halo 2: Anniversary, complete with a new graphics engine, and new CG cutscenes and audio. We are only able to show certain missions, so we showed Gravemind."

-The Gamer Access

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smokedrugs1507d ago

this game is going to be so much better than destiny.
i cant wait for the re re release of the original updated versoin of the xbox game.

Trekster_Gamer1507d ago

smokedrugs me thinks you have the most correct name for yourself!

No matter how many lame trollish pathetic comments that are made, nothing will QUELL the awesomeness that is the MCC!

There is no better value especially compared to the other FULL priced remastered games out there!

343 has gone ABOVE and BEYOND!!

Come on November 11th!!

excessivered1507d ago

This game will destroy destiny! Xbox for ever!

objdadon1507d ago

Keep dreaming, now back to destiny!

Foehammer1507d ago

Exactly, Destiny complements this game.

Enjoy both.