Yoshinori Ono: Street Fighter F2P Model a “Possibility"

With more and more studios and game franchises going the free-to-play route, could Capcom’s Street Fighter be next?

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sobotz1505d ago

Enough with "free-to-play" crap. As if 1 f2p title (Deep Down) isn't already enough...

pedrof931505d ago

Didnt he teased something for Ps4 for TGS ?

3-4-51505d ago

Is that a picture of Bobby Lee ?

KwietStorm1505d ago

It's Yoshinori Ono. The man in the headline.

3-4-51505d ago

ahh. Makes sense. they kind of look alike which is why I asked.

* FP2 wouldn't, IMO, be a good way to go.

SF5 would though.

XtraTrstrL1505d ago

LOL, now that you say that, I can see Bobby Lee impersonating him.

Tony-Red-Grave1505d ago

As if 1 new IP wasn't enough? what?

If capcom makes a F2P SF game I hope they follow the Tekken Revolution formula and have a small cast of original characters. A F2P SF might even pump some hype into the SF games from a casuals perspective since it'd be an easy and quick way to learn the basics.

I personally would most likely download and practice on a F2P SF rather than buy USF4 just to play people much better than me and losing interest. Especially when I have Tekken Revolution and Tekken Tag2 (thanks to TR).

So F2P fighters are not bad from a introductory to the franchise perspective. I mean if I started Tekken with Tag2 I probably would've given up since there's an overwhelming amount of characters.

scark921505d ago

Soul Caliber, Tekken, now this... I would not mind a free Mortal Kombat to be honest :D

noxeven1505d ago

Is it bad that I laugh when I saw the title. I really cant see the ultimate milking franchise become f2p unless they have a heavily update able engine

ziggurcat1505d ago

doesn't he mean pay-to-win model?

knifefight1505d ago

This is Capcom.

I assume that's what he means.

gangsta_red1505d ago

Oh gawd no! I think it's safe to assume that the whole F2P model has come and gone.

I love Killer Instinct but I would rather pay a full price and get the full game. And this goes double for Capcom who I have no doubt would try and squeeze every penny out of their users.

I don't see why people are excited for Deep Down. Suuure the "graphics" (once again!!) are great...but this is Capcom and a F2P just know they are going to do anything possible to nickel and dime their users.

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The story is too old to be commented.