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They promised the rock 'n' roll apocalypse. We got the Hot Topicalypse. Paste reviews Insomniac's newest game.

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darthv721506d ago

The comparative to tony hawk is completely...unfounded. this game shares more of a common bond between the grindning of jet grind radio and the crazy weapons of ratchet and clank more so than any relation to tony hawk.

if this reviewer never played a ratchet game then that would explain the lack of understanding (or comparative) but I find that hard to believe in this day and age. Ratchet is the #1 franchise from Insomniac...that is the automatic go to when i see this game and how it flows.

ThatOneGuyThere1506d ago

"It’s the closest we’ve gotten to a classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater in years, dashing through a city with an eye open for combo-ready lines from rails to walls to air ducts." It wasnt unfounded, you just saw 6.8 and had to hate SOMETHING about his review.
The fact of the matter is that he likes the game, but finds the attempt at comedy incredibly annoying. Me personally, I found the interviews with the devs talking about the game to be annoying. It sounded like a bunch of 12 year olds talking about "what if..". I think perhaps this game is geared to a younger crowd than the reviewer and myself. This was actually a well-written review that makes an excellent point. Gameplay isnt the only aspect of a game, its just the most important, hence the 6.8 and not a 3.2.

darthv721506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

It is unfounded. there is no comparatives to be made to tony all. sunset overdrive shares the traits of 3 games.

Jet grind radio (grinding around the city)
Ratchet & Clank (over the top weaponry)
Infamous (open world to wreak havoc in)

you could throw in the art style of Team Fortress 2 if you wanted to (because of the look they were going for), but it is not really necessary.

As to the score...I wasnt even commenting on the score. the score is the reviewers choice to give. i was simply making the correct correlation to comparatives.

G20WLY1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Actually it says it scored 6.2/10 not 6.8.

But the review says 6.3?

ThatOneGuyThere1505d ago

darth, you need to tell that little gem to the rest of the internet then. there are lots of people in forums comparing it to tony hawk, in a good way. i dont know why that offends you, it isnt an insult, its the best thing about the game. tony hawk was awesome. you might want to play infamous again. at least the first one. that game plays a LOT like SSOD when you are trying to traverse quickly. jump, boost, rail slide. the main difference is there are no trampolines and you generally move slower when you're on foot in Infamous. But again, these arent BAD comparisons.

g20, you're right. i didnt bother to scroll up to double check.

4Sh0w1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Who cares if it is or isn't comparative to Tony Hawk? Being compartive to any of the games mentioned is not a bad thing. It's always a matter of how a game does other things right or go beyond just a casual comparison and SSO does that very well. Insomniac's SSO colorful world, gameplay and vibe/humor all stand on their own. The real problem with this review regardless of the score is its waaaaaay off the mark imo because the dude basically has the mindset that basically he's too mature for the game=

"I say this as a man thoroughly divorced from the youth trends of today, who probably takes himself and music too seriously"

-Yep, that's the only thing I really agree with him about. His whole approach sounds like he just wanted to hate it even before he played it. I knew from the included "Hot Topicalypse" sentence with a unknown site I shouldn't have gave him the hit. That said it's always easy to pick apart reviews you don't like and celebrate the ones you agree with but I'm just telling you from my 22-24 hours spent with the game he just seems like a A - hole trying to be above a game just out to be funny but most importantly offering a helluva gaming experience= even if you don't "get" or like the humor/story the game is exceptional in every other aspect.

-...but hey opinions are like A - holes, everybody's got at least 1.

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theshonen88991506d ago

I don't think you know what 'comparative' means.

PONTIAC08G8GT1506d ago

Why would someone compare this game to Tony Hawk? Besides grinding on rails, they have nothing else in common. No skateparks, no skateboards, no doing tricks. Would you compare Diablo and Borderlands? Besides loot, they have nothing else in common. Just because a game has 1 item from another doesn't mean its comparable.

Every game isn't going to get the same excellent reviews, but when a bunch of great reviews come out and one really low one (this is lowest I see) I've got to question the review.

ThatOneGuyThere1505d ago

its the feel. its about momentum. tony hawk was all about chaining your moves together and trying to not lose your momentum when moving about the park. the rails connect the separate areas to strike. in tony hawk, the trampolines were ramps, and your gun was your sweet tricks.

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Muzikguy1506d ago

Wth.... And a jab at hot topic lmao. Shadow of its former self that is

1506d ago
Father__Merrin1506d ago

Troll review imo

from what ive seen its easily a 8.0 game

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