LittleBigPlanet 3 Hands-On Preview: Keeping It Fresh (PSLS)

(PSLS): The PlayStation 4 only has one exclusive game yet to be released this holiday season, and that game is LittleBigPlanet 3. Being developed by Sumo Digital (with assistance from series creator Media Molecule), much pressure has been put on the game to perform well and stand out as a Sony-exclusive title.

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JonnyBigBoss1333d ago

Are the controls still kind of wonky like the previous games?

Mikey322301333d ago

What ever happened to LBP Hub?
.. Wasnt that supposed to be a Free LBP game release for PS4 or PS3? did that ever happen?

Muzikguy1333d ago

As long as it doesn't suffer the same fate as DriveClub I'll be happy. They haven't been touting a free demo for plus members for over a year so there's that. I can't wait to check this out!

AnotherProGamer1333d ago

They said they made the physics less floaty and controls more tight

dafegamer1333d ago

the controls have been tweaked ;), also you have this badass over here

XisThatKid1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

DUDE nice find/vid This is a day one for me and the family
I had no idea that it was possible upfront to make 3D platformer stuff like this.

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dbjj120881333d ago

I like that the new characters will force creators to really mix up the kinds of mechanics you see in every level.

DanteVFenris6661333d ago

I ussually make my own characters anyway, won't be using them. But it'll be good for less experienced creators

Major_Nailson1333d ago

I'm in the beta and I can honestly say I am purely disappointed. The game literally looks exactly like the PS3 version. The game has been in development for 3 years? What the?

Snookies121333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Okay, even if it does look almost the same, what's the issue? The graphics are fine, it's the gameplay and new tools that intrigue me.

Major_Nailson1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

I understand where you are coming from. I'm a huge LBP fan but I just feel a game should evolve visually to be considered next gen. For example, Project spark does everything LBP does, but with next gen visuals. I just think developers get lazy these days and they need to be called out on it.

GribbleGrunger1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )


You're lying my friend. The games being created with LBP3 could not have been created in LBP2, and every single LBP creator knows that this is what counts. If you question this, I'll supply you with examples. Want to take the risk of exposing yourself? Go ahead.

ashen1221333d ago

funny because I can see the differences, you probably need a new tv. vizio tvs are cheap and still really good

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MysticStrummer1333d ago

"The game literally looks exactly like the PS3 version."

No it doesn't.

DanteVFenris6661333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Ummm dude have you not seen the 70 new tools, 3d games. Like there's so much more you can do as a creator. As a creator it's way better and yes it puts your project sparks to shame

ashen1221333d ago

yea when he brought up project spark I realized he's just trolling

dafegamer1333d ago

funny thing is that Project Spark can't even do proper 2d sidecrollers. You don't even really "create" in PJ, just drag and drop assets on your island. You could never "create" this in project spark

gangsta_red1333d ago

Well it is a cross platform title. I think the freedom to do and create what you want so take precedent over how the graphics look.

1333d ago
dafegamer1333d ago

Project Spark doesnt do anything LBP3 does. Project spark can't even do proper 2d games, not sure what you're talking about. Also you got exposed by GribbleGrunger, who is in the Beta and a known LBP games creator

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XSpike1333d ago

Can't wait for LBP3!

Still I can't wait for PlanetSide 2 which should still be out this year for PS4 & there is that rumored unannounced exclusive title for December.

Anyways, LBP3 is going to be awesome. 16 layers heaps of awesome new tools, 3 new sweet as characters! My mouth is drooling, thinking bout all them awesome new things I can do in create mode! EPIIIIC

brew1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Guilty Gear Xrd comes out in December.

SoapShoes1333d ago

Yeah it's not the only exclusive for the holidays. Guilty Gear is going to rock(pun intended).

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