The Horrific State of DLC These Days

With Destiny: The Dark Below coming out on December 9th, how much value for money are you really getting in your DLC?

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ZombieKiller1510d ago

I saw this coming a mile away when COD started doing season passes. Then it's monkey see-monkey do from there on out due to COD's success. A season pass is just another way for a company to get you to spend $100 (or whatever the price is) on a game.

Everyone cried out when $50 went to $60 per game last gen, now to subside all the whining, they just keep stuff for later to sell and charge it off as DLC.

That's the scary thought right there....

How much did they hold back on in the original game to make more money off the DLC?

Or even scarier:

I wonder if DLC didn't exist, could I have unlocked that?

It's gone from: "I'm sorry your princess is in another castle"

To: "This princess is part of a DLC pack that you don't have"

What the hell?!

ShowGun9011510d ago

you ARE right that CoD was where the dam broke, but Destiny isn't any kind of turning point... IMO its been pretty far gone for 3 or 4 years now... When Assassins Creed has a season pass, thats pretty bad... the bulk of that game is SP, it doesn't NEED constant content to refresh it. Whereas you COULD argue that CoD needs an influx of maps to keep the MP fresh, Assassins Creed (and other SP games with the season pass) doesn't need it at all!

not defending any of it, its just the SP season passes seem shadier to me than the MP season passes LOL!

mysterious_warrior1510d ago

Your post is spot on. What happen to where you would play a game and if a specific requirement was met things (costumes, weapons, etc) became unlocked. MK DA comes to mind.

"This princess is part of a DLC pack that you don't have"

That was funny.

ramiuk11510d ago

totally agree with post but sheep and idiots who pay for things with parents money or support these bad activitys will just get it and then it carrys on and next year the situation gets worse.
DLC needs sorting out because for years now stuff on the disc has been locked for expansion,its actually shipping on disc and then being charged for it after.
season passes are crazy.
I wont support it and never have.

Felinox1510d ago

I couldn't disagree with this article more. The only thing that annoys me is that I have to wait so long. I wish they'd bump this up to November.

WildArmed1510d ago

Idk man, having to pay 20$ for just another raid which you'll have to grind to get to lv32?

Doesnt' seem that much of content to me. They didn't even bother adding strikes, the thing people do the most of. Raids you can only do once a week, so it's pretty weak offering.

ShowGun9011510d ago

playstation content:

3 story missions
2 strikes
1 raid
3 MP maps
lots and lots of legendaries and exotics

better than CoDs 4 maps and 1 gun (one of which is a re-skinned map from last gen!)

N4GDgAPc1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

your miss informed. there is 1 strike. Which I don't know if that's both for xbox1 and ps4 or that is the exclusive strike. so ps4 might get 2 if that one strike isn't exclusive.

And many hours of gameplay but its still not enough for value....

$20 dlc will give u more hours of gameplay than 90% of games that come out. And everyone seems like they forget they were treating this game like a MMO. If you thought they would just give you free content for 10 years with out having multi purchases then all I can say is you not very smart. Do you want to pay for a monthly subscirption, dlc expansion every 3 months, or free to play game with purchases of cosmetics, gear, and etc? Take your pick

CorndogBurglar1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

You are totally misinformed.

There are new story missions. A new strike. (2 if you have a PS4, i believe, i could be wrong about that though.), a new raid, new multiplayer maps, new armor, new weapons (including new legendaries and exotics for both weapons and armor).

So yeah, there's a little more than "just a raid". I have to ask if you've even looked into this AT ALL before voicing this uninformed opinion, or did you just assume it was one strike and thats it?

To be honest, this DLC has more stuff on it than most Map Packs for CoD and Battlefield.

WildArmed1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


Understand the comments are a discussion, and understand that you'll still be grinding the raid to get to 32.

The way the current raid is setup, it's the only way to get gear for lv30 (which is completely up to Rngesus). They said they'd include lv30 gear in Iron Banner event, but we'll see.

I hope t he 3 story missions + 2 strikes + 1 raid are on a new planet. I don't think I can stand another time going into the same planet and fighting in the same environment again and again. OH WAIT, it's the moon again. GG bungie GG. Thanks for all the "new" content.

Most strikes / story missions already feel like they have too much in common, going through the same corridor again and again. The two strikes on Mars have a very similar route from the start, it shouldn't be like that.

What they decided only the end half ot he strike needs to be different?

ZombieKiller1508d ago

@CorndogBurglar In Destiny's case though you have to look at WHAT the DLC is. Sure you have all these guns and armor, but for what? For the same Strike you've done 20 times? The same ol' crucible matches? Even different strikes are pretty much the same exact thing... Destiny needs to be waaay more fulfilling than it is. It's ALWAYS
step 1) Run to this area
Step 2) Hold Square to release your Dinkle-bot
Step 3) Defend your Dinkle-bot against the wave of enemies trying to stop him


The same thing just not in that order.

But yet they keep releasing more guns and armor would think that it's getting boring after a month so when the first DLC pack comes, you're already hungry. Yeah you have those awesome shaders and armor, but you have been doing the same shit with them for the past month so now it's time for something fresh.

So they give you a little bit (DLC pack 1). Not quite enough to completely satisfy, but it will hold you over till next round. See what I did there? NEXT ROUND. You're already looking to the next DLC.

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Kings4L1510d ago

Let them keep doing this, greed will get you killed. Look whats happening to the Xbox.

GearSkiN1510d ago

I missed the day when I could unlock new stuff coz it's part of the game, glad I have sunset

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