Here’s How To Solo Destiny’s Nightfall Strike This Week: Kill the Nexus All On Your Own

Finding a party to beat the weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny may be a hassle for some. Luckily, if you're good and equipped the right way, you can most definitely face the challenge solo and emerge victorious.

This is especially true this week, as the strike selected by Bungie is "The Nexus," which happens to be one of the easiest.

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thorstein1361d ago

Stop using my Sniper Rifle!

venom061360d ago

man, this game is mediocre and repetitive.. jsut saying.

ScottyHoss1360d ago

You've been just saying that for a while now, its kind of getting repetitive.. Maybe you should just stop?

BattleTorn1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

DattoDoesDestiny's guide is very indepth

Though, the depth of this guide is entirely in the text. Void equipment is key.

I found The Swamp, his heavy, to be perfect

CorndogBurglar1360d ago

This one is pretty easy. I did it last night.

As long as you have a Sniper Rifle and Heavy Weapon that both do Void damage, you are golden.

Just stay back and pick everything off one at a time.

THEDON82z11360d ago

Please for the love of god.....stop exposing all the [email protected] tricks,been knowing about this for some time now, Now its just going to get patched and leave us all screwed again!!!!

Stapleface1360d ago

The Nexus is easy as hell regardless of how you do it. If they somehow block off the top area then we are screwed for speed running, but not over all, it just takes a little longer at the bottom because you need to clear a few waves of mobs in the process.

THEDON82z11360d ago

Yeah I guess you right ,its just that as someone with almost 300 hours in the game(one guatlet away from level 30)...these little things help day to day progress alot. if its patched I got more then enough raw firepower (vex included) to smash through with my

CorndogBurglar1360d ago

You know you don't have to read the articles that show the tricks.

Oh wait....I see what you did there.

LAWSON721360d ago

Just did the nightfall and got the universal remote lol