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"As a final point before I close this off I would like to mention that there are some pretty full on Australian cliches at work here and I assure you they are nothing ground-breaking as far as what has been churned out of other Aussie-developed mediums (film, tv etc) before. Just to be clear: I don’t BBQ my seafood, as much as I may imbibe I’m not in a constant state of drunk, a flick blade IS in fact a knife and no one I know speaks like Steve Irwin (unironically, at least). Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is very much a dichotomy of what is great, fun and fresh about the series along with how badly bugs and poor decisions really mar the overall enjoyment. With that in mind unless you’re a diehard fan (and if you are you’ve probably already got it), perhaps wait for some patching or DLC announcements before loosening the purse strings this time." (Jay Parnis - Reviewer)

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