Xbox One Preview Members Getting Codes to Evolve’s Big Alpha Directly in their Message Box

Microsoft is sending download codes for the Evolve “Big Alpha” scheduled to begin tomorrow directly to the message box of dashboard update preview members.

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nicksetzer11507d ago

Yup, just downloaded it and ready for tomorrow. Gotta love being a preview member:
-early updates (almost always 100% stable)
-priority access to alphas/betas
-new preview reward program, etc.

Harold_Finch1507d ago

Got mine too, it's good for me to get one because i am extremely skeptical about this game. It looks like it could get old really really fast.

tgunzz1507d ago

You are one luck mutha (shut your mouth), I'm just talking about nickseter1... Game on!

True_Samurai1507d ago

I have the code also but I wanna be in the preview program :(

Kribwalker1507d ago

Me too. I wish I was in there...
I applied with my kids and my live accounts and got invites with all three

Paid the other two forward

IrishSt0ner1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

PM your gamertag and I'll invite you. *EDIT* See it below, I'll send one too.

@Kribwalker - did you know one gold subscription covers all gamertags on your Xbox One, no need to pay for the other two.

As a result, you can now get your money back (recently MS allows refunds on gold)... I had 2 subscriptions, cancelled one for MS credit and both gamertags are still Gold.

OT: Was pleasantly suprised with the message to preload EVOLVE Alpha, wasn't going to buy it, but if it plays great this could change my mind.

BX811507d ago

Oh sweet. I keep forgetting about pre down loads. Ahhhh see u there tomorrow.

batman21x1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I was a preview member for 360 since it started but didn't get it for X1
Enjoy it for me!

nicksetzer11507d ago

Honestly, my 10th xbl anniversary was last month, but pretty sure being a preview member for xb1 was all about signing up at launch, nothing more. You can invite friends, but they don't always get in.

shloobmm31507d ago

I have yet to get one for some reason.

Kingdomcome2471507d ago

Downloaded as well, and ready to hunt! I've been waiting to test drive this game from the moment I laid eyes on it.

t-hall7851507d ago

Agreed being a preview member is the shiznit. Killing all my friends in quest points with 480.

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GearSkiN1507d ago

Why can't I be a preview member I've been on xbox live since H2

Immorals1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

What's your gamertag? I'll invite you. Been on xbl since h2 as well

smoothop1507d ago

Don't suppose u could send me an invite to please. My GT is Sm00th op. Nice 1.

TheBrit1507d ago

Gotcha beat - I've been on xbox live since first round of beta testers on original xbox :)

I can send out an invite also if someone needs one.

iClenchTatas1507d ago

Can someone please send me an invite GT: ENGR Prodigy

Ashunderfire861507d ago

invite me too my gamertag is legionaire2005 lets game on hehe.

ghostface91507d ago

ya I ve been one since halo 2 too I even got the original message for the preview program but when I put it in it gave me a error message so if you could invite me that would be much appreciated

shloobmm31507d ago

I remember the beta days of whacked and moto gp

KiwiViper851507d ago

Steady on we can't ALL be in the preview program...

Mexico6191507d ago

If I could get an invite I would really appreciate it! I was in the 360 program but didn't get into the Xbox One program.

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