Competitive Smash Bros. Players Aren't Impressed

CCC Says: "So Nintendo hosted their Nintendo Direct which showed off a bunch of new features that the Wii U version of Smash Bros. will have. But while everyone else was drooling over their eight player battles, I was sitting in my chair sighing and screaming “no!” at my screen. You see, I play Smash Bros. for the competitive scene, treating it like a traditional fighting game, and while all of these features might be awesome for the casual players out there, there just wasn’t a whole lot for me or the rest of the scene out there. Here’s why."

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DarkBlood1511d ago

So the article creator is upset that the game is not geared toward the "competitive" players exclusively or most of?

Either way it sounds like it to me being the word I repeated alot

3-4-51510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Competitive smash players seem like that don't like fun and options.

The problem with Competitive players, is if you put them in a real sport, they would never make it.

Put these players in MLB: Example:

* Put these players in Baseball and they would all be complaining about:

* Ball Park Dimensions need to be the same....The Green Monster isn't FAIR!

* His Bat is heavier than mine....Not FAIR!

* His Curveball is too good....Not allowed!

* His baseball glove has a different pouch pattern so it should be disallowed.


They couldn't hack it in a real sport where every minor rule isn't catered to them.

* They make all the rules EASIER FOR THEM.

How does that make them BETTER ?

It's like being in 12th grade and bragging about passing a 2nd grade math test, because all the answered had to JUST BE addition, otherwise the test is OP.

Competitive scene in most games is a joke....the people that is.

R00bot1511d ago

Competitive smash players are never impressed. They should be happy that they even have the flat versions of every map, that's already more for them than any other smash game has had for them (and don't say wave dashing was a competitive thing, that was just a glitch exploit).

ThunderPulse1510d ago

But Project M is so awesome when you play it in 1200p 60FPS on PC with a GC Controller.

Metallox1510d ago

But it's exactly like Brawl :/

wonderfulmonkeyman1511d ago

This sounds less like the complaints of a competitive player, and more like the whining of an elitist that wants a melee clone.
A few valid points, but overall, not an article that properly articulates how the competitive scene feels about these changes.
Especially when what is and is not allowed in the scene is constantly undergoing scrutiny and changes.

Also, a lot of competitive players aren't solely playing in a competitive atmosphere 24/7.
Many of them are well-rounded and enjoy stuff like 4 player battles on hazardous stages, even some items pop up now and then.

Ac7iVe1511d ago

Smash 4 has soo many tournaments in socal already I don't think people r disappointed with it lol

Dannycr1510d ago

What's with the incredibly poor grammar in the article? Did a 5 year old write that?

What does "Competative" mean?

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