AC:U Community Developer - PC Framerate Not Locked, Official Specs Conservative On The GPU Side

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is almost upon us and after that whole ‘parity’ thing that happened with its console versions, a lot of gamers wondered whether Ubisoft would lock the framerate of the PC version (you know, for ‘cinematic’ purposes). As Gabriel Graziani, Community Developer working at Ubisoft Montreal, confirmed, the PC version will have an unlocked framerate.

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Future_20151508d ago

4GB of VRAM? they mad or just stupid?

vishmarx1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

theyre just ubi?
why the hell is anyone surprised?

when have their programming skills been a thing to behold?
of the 3 900p/30fps i know of on ps4 , two of them are theirs

starchild1507d ago

Those two games are also some of the best looking multi platform games on the PS4, and they are massively open world.

CyrusLemont1507d ago

Don't they have like a 1000 people working on these games over 3 years?!? How could they not optimise for PC?! Ergh.

Pandamobile1507d ago

My guess is that since both consoles have 8 GB of RAM, they probably gave the game a 4 GB VRAM budget; and for some reason, there's apparently no way to drop down the VRAM usage (which makes no sense to us, but is probably some silly engine or production limitation).

ginsunuva1507d ago

VRAM isn't the same as regular RAM

NarooN1507d ago


I'm sure he knows that. But both consoles have one giant pool of RAM that is shared as system memory AND graphics memory. It's not the same as a PC, so the two can't be compared as easily.

But Ubi fails at coding properly pretty often anyway, so this game's requirements don't come as a shock.

camel_toad1507d ago

Is that a dedicated 4gb (as in 4gb on the vcard) or total available graphics memory they are referring to?

the_dark_one1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

ok let me get this straight... first they say that they are targeting 30fps on consoles because is more "cinematic" ok i get it no problem. but now on pc its unlocked FPS (which is great that it is unlocked) so that means that the "cinematic" feeling is gone from the pc version (im being sarcastic here, mind you) nevertheless we never know whats going to come out of their mouths

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1507d ago

More or less. They really should just not do interviews. Lol

hiredhelp1508d ago

“They’re final specs, although a bit conservative on the video card side because you NEED 4 gigs of VRAM.”

In a follow up, however, Graziani claimed that the official posted specs were legit and correct, meaning that 3GB of VRAM should be enough (as this is what Ubisoft recommended).

“The posted specs are correct. Sorry for the confusion, I was tweeting from home and didn’t have them in front of me.”

DevilOgreFish1508d ago

The specs are not clarified enough. are they insisting 4 GBs of Vram to game at 1080p with minimum settings? or recommended settings at 1080p?

Hopefully 4 GBs of Vram to game at 1080p (ultra settings) should be the case.

xTheMercenary_1507d ago

Terrible optimisations, what will they recommend in the next game probably a gpu that wont ever exist the titan z black ultra or something lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.