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Technology Tell writes, "Castellanos, and thus the player, is wondering exactly what’s real and what’s a trick of the mind in this adventure. A major problem is that the detective is the definition of a blank slate. We learn more about him from the diary excerpts scattered throughout the game than the actor’s performance. It’s hard for the player to be scared when a giant, unkillable spider woman appears and Sebastian’s reaction amounts to “I’d better get out of here.” Wow, easy to see how he made detective with observations like that."

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Agent20091478d ago

One of the worst games I've played this year - so disappointed. Even Watch Dogs was a bit better than that.

SCW19821478d ago

I respect your opinion but strongly disagree. Aside from chapter 12-14 I think it's a better made game than even Resident Evil 4. And that's saying a lot.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1477d ago

The title does give a good description of the game. It's like the main character is on a psychedelic trip after taking some LSD or mushrooms. I think it's a good game 7.5.

Zichu1477d ago

Really enjoying the game, it's quite psychological as well. Some crazy crap happening in the game, constantly jumping zones, waking up in different areas after some weird happenings.

I've played it for about 6 hours and I am only on Chapter 6 I think, feels like I have been playing for much longer than that lol.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1477d ago

The Japanese title "Psycho Break" is definitely a better title than The Evil Within. If fits the game perfectly.

Zichu1477d ago

I definitely agree with the Japanese title, actually makes sense, not a lot we can do about it lol.

Regardless, game is fun, has got plenty of scary and tense moments. I hate that creepy crawling girl and I hate the invisible enemies lol.

FrostyZipper1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I don't think I've ever felt more conflicted about a game. On the one hand, there are some truly great moments in TEW which, imo, take it beyond RE4 in terms of quality. Then there are others which just drag and drag during which I feel like slamming my head against a wall over and over would be a more productive use of my time.

In the end, I think this is going to be one of those games where you'll just need to take a look at some gameplay footage and decide for yourself whether or not you like the look of it and review scores be damned because they're all over the place.

Hysteria941477d ago

This game is a bit of a disappointment to me , Maybe I had my expectations set too high or what but I couldn't get into it at all. It isn't even scary either which I am very saddened about as well. :/